Netflix + Tivo = Heaven

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I'm a huge TV fan.

I watch lots of show and also am guilty of "Tivo Guilt", where I feel bad because I can't watch all the shows my Tivo records.

My Tivo is connected to my internal network with a WiFi connection, and recently Netflix announced that you can get selected content through your internet and Tivo connection. The selected content doesn't mean all the movies they have, but it's kinda like Prism's selection of movies from back in the day. There's a few key good movies and TV shows in there, and a whole lotta bad ones.

But, it's free with your Netflix membership, so who cares?

I recently gave it a try and can only say: Impressive.

There are a few quirks. For one, in order to watch content, you first have to go on to the Netflix website and choose what you want to queue. Can't be done from your TV. Annoying.

Second, you can add multiple TV shows or movies to your queue, but there's a limit. There's only so much you can put into a queue, so if you are on your couch and thinking about a TV show or movie you want to watch, you have to get up, walk to to your computer, delete some shows, add some new ones. It's a bit clunky.

Third, WiFi is...good but not great. I haven't tried this with a fixed ethernet connection. Currently i'm watching the first season of 30 Rock. The episidoes are in HD, and 85% of the time, there's no issues. The other 15% of the time I notice some sound issues (the sequence of sound to video is off by .25 seconds and that gets irritating) or there are delays in loading the content.

For a new service, I expect some early hitches. I'm sure this will eventually get fixed. What I do know is that i'm witnessing history.

Yep, history.

I have watched downloaded movies and TV shows on my PC. It's great. But this was the first time I got to stream a TV show on my 42" HDTV in 720p. The picture quality is perfect. I couldn't tell the difference between live TV and the streaming video. The audio is just fine. I would love to put to the test a movie or show that is more sound/graphic intensive (The Fifth Element or Star Wars, for example), but for a prime TV example, 30 Rock surpassed my expectations.

This is the future of TV. Cable TV will be a thing of the past, as more homes get connection with high speed internet connections, like FiOS or Cablevision Optimum Online (which is what i'm using). I can only imagine how advertisers must be pulling their hair out, because TV is more and more becoming commericial free. I get to watch the entire 30 Rock TV show in 22 minutes, saving 8 minutes of commercials.

It's great, and another reason to get a Tivo this holiday season. Oh, and it is available for Xbox 360 Gold customers, also!

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