Sports Hernia?

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Since the summer, things have slowed down considerably in my life. One of the reasons is that somehow I injured myself. I'm not sure how I did it. I'm not sure if it's major or minor. Baiscally I have an "abdominal injury". That's the best way I can describe it.

Back in early October I started to get really sore around my abdominals (stomach) area after working out. I was cautious. I went to my doctor who said I didn't have a hernia but sent me to a gastrointestologist. That doctor ran blood work, and even set up a CT Scan of my abdominals. Both came back negative. He thought maybe I tore up some fiber around my pelvis and it was causing this soreness to my ab region, he put me on anti inflammatories and sent me on my way.

Weeks pass, and I skip the gym and eventually more soreness subsides. Horray!

The week before Thanksgiving, about 7 weeks or so without doing any exercise I work out a bit at the gym again. It's not too bad.

This week Monday, I go to the gym, run for about 20 minutes, do some biceps and triceps and bingo - my abs are hurting and sore again.

This sucks because I want to go to the gym, I like working out, I like the stress relief and the way I feel being in better shape.

I got to see another doctor, planning to see a sports doctor, but tired of getting the run around by the doctors. This is a hard injury to describe, because unlike my leg injury I really can't just point to a spot and say "Look! That's where I hurt it!"

It just feels like someone punched me in the stomach and i'm sore all over. Only happens after I work out at the gym. I was fine for the last 3 weeks, no soreness at all.

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