Birds Of A Feather

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I'm sure we are in for an interesting week at work.

Suffice to say, i'm having fun at the moment. This is the best part of football. The excitement leading up to the game day. The trash talking. The news and analysis. I'm having a blast, considering that only a few weeks ago it seemed like our season was over.

The Eagles are playing on borrowed time. They know it. The big question will be for how long. Can they keep the momentum going for three more games?

Giants are a good team, and entered the post season losing 3 of their last 4, after starting at 11-1. They certainly are the favorites, with homefield advantage and their players are rested for an extra week.

The Giants & Eagles both have two similar objectives for this game:

1. Focus on the run game. Eagles will focus on Jacobs/Ward and Giants focus on Westbrook. Shut them down and that's a key to winning a big battle. You saw what the Eagles did to Adrian Peterson, and I expect they will take the same battle to the Giants RBs.

2. Put pressure on the quarterbacks. The Giants pass rush in the 2nd half of the season has been nonexistent, after putting 30 sacks on the books in the 1st half. The Eagles defense has been very good for the last few weeks, and been able to stop the run effectively and get the quarterbacks out of their rythym with good bliztes. Giants need to figure out a way to get McNabb out of the pocket, he is most dangerous if he has time to sit back and pick apart the Giants defense.

That's where they have two common objectives. The Giants need to just stay committed to the run game. The biggest Eagles weakness is late in the game, when a team has been pounding the ball, and they start to let up bigger and bigger running plays. Also, I fully expect that if the Giants can utilize Kevin Boss more, that would be a key to the blitz happy Eagles - have Boss ready as a 'outlet' pass if Eli sees the blitz.

If i'm the Eagles, my goal would be keeping 8 in the box (Dawkins), and force Eli to beat us with his arm. I'm not scared of Toomer, Hixon or Smith, no more than Giants fans are scared of Jackson, Curtis or Avant. Certainly any of those WRs are capable of a big play, but none are a threat like Plaxico would be, often drawing double coverage.

I laugh at all the similarities to the 2008 Eagles to the 2007 Giants. 2007 Giants were a #5 seed, they barely made the playoffs, their coach was under heavy scrutiny from their fans, they went to Tampa and won, only to face the #1 seed Cowboys...and we know the rest.

This year we have the #6 seed Eagles, who barely made the playoffs, their coach is under heavy scrutiny from their fans, and they went to Minnesota and won, only to face the #1 seed Giants...and we will soon know the rest.

If you are around this weekend, and an Eagles fan, you know the bar where The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken gathers - Mulligan's! Also if you are on Facebook, we now have a Facebook group formed, just search for it and feel free to join us.

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