It's Groundhog Day! What Day Would You Want Back?

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Today is Groundhog Day & depending on which rodent to believe, it will be an early spring (according to Staten Island Chuck) or 6 more weeks of winter (according to Punxsutawney Phil).

Me? I don't care either way, I happen to not be terribly bothered by winter's cold, unless it gets under 20 degrees. Otherwise, i'm fairly easy going to the cold weather or snow.

I was thinking about the movie "Groundhog Day", where the main character gets to relive a day in his life, but not of his choosing. But if we all had a choice, what day would you relive?

Here's my top 5 days, with a brief summary, that i'd like to relive.

1. Block Party, Tanyard Farms, around 1980. When our little development in Richboro was created by Toll Brothers, in 1977, it was filled with mostly young couples, with their new brood of kids. So the development was simply alive and bursting at the seams with youthful vigor. The parents would get together each summer and develop games, a potluck feast, and a carnival like atmosphere that even today I remember like it was last week. Easily a day that I could live over and over again.

2. Richboro, Summer, 1983. Normal summer day, with all the neighborhood kids, back then was a baseball game in Doug's backyard, riding our BMX bikes around construction yards, playing in our pool, listening to Van Halen, Rush and Kiss, then playing "Freedom" followed by a "sleep out". I could relive that day over and over.

3. Shore House, Ocean City, around 1990. I was a freshman in college, my parents had a beautiful home in Ocean City, NJ and we were across the street from the beach. Would love to have another day with the whole family, at the beach, our normal big dinner at home. Those shore house years were absolutely fantastic.

4. White Trash Bash, Hoboken, 1998. Started by the bartenders at Farside, which was many other great years of drinking, before my bartending days, this was a block party we had on 6th and Adams Street. It was long before any of the condos existed there, and we would play whiffleball, egg toss, have a fun BBQ, listen to Will play guitar, then end the night with our infamous card games. It would start with $1 bets. Usually playing 3 card guts, poker, or other variation games. By the end of the night, we would play Acey-Ducey, and have pots of $600...$700...$800...betting...GUESSING...on 1 card to win the pot or you MATCH the pot. Ever bet $200 on 1 card to be higher than a 7...then see a 5 pop up? Yes, I saw that, then saw the next guy, on the next card, bet $400 and lose that too. It was absolutely jaw dropping. Fun days. We would stay up until 4am, until eventually the sun would rise and a few stragglers would be left, still drinking. Then, head home, sleep it off and wait until next year to out do ourselves again.

5. Dipper's Bar, Hoboken, 2002. There's few times in our lives when there's simply magic. Dipper's was, for those who were part of the "regulars" just the best bar in Hoboken. Yep, i'm sure there's lots of people who barely remember the place, or won't agree with me - and that's fine. But for a very small, tight group of bartenders and regulars, we had the perfect bar. There was no overbearing management of the bar, we did as we pleased, made money, had fun and it went on for three great years. I'm not sure what particular day I would choose...but I know that I loved bartending with Teresa in the early years when we could crank Rage Against The Machine, mix drinks and dance with each other behind the bar, while doing shots with our customers, who were also our friends.

Bonus Day: Florence, Italy, the first day when Steph & Dave came to visit me in 1992. I don't have to go into details here, but was easily one of the best experiences to have your family visit you when I was in Italy for 2 months. I don't necessarily think I was "homesick", but being a stranger in a strange land feels pretty good when you are surrounded by people who love you. I think the first night I took them to a local restaurant, we drank great wine, and just had a great night under the Tuscan sky.

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Here's to Dipper's, those were some fun times...

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