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I'm a small corner of Hoboken. A writer with a voice, and for this election, I wanted to at least publicly endorse someone who I felt strongly about, and did the title just for flourish.


I'm endorsing Dawn Zimmer for mayor of Hoboken in 2009.

I average about 200+ daily readers here. About 200 registered friends follow the Eagles and Phillies from my Google Groups and are also registered voters. I sincerely hope they also vote for Dawn Zimmer in the upcoming election.

My Phillies and Eagles friends have saw what the power of a few people can do in a city like Hoboken. We went from me sitting in the Farside bar on Sundays saying to my Eagles friends, "Why don't we band together like those Steeler guys?" (Thank you Steelers Club for that inspiration!) to a ridiculously large following every Sunday at Mulligan's Bar. We organized. We grew. We overcame a lot of people who told us "no".

I encourage all 400+ people who do read this site and my club members that that they visit and read what all the candidates have to say. Beth Mason & Peter Cammarano offer plenty of good ideas and solutions, and you should read what they have to state.

But after reading what they have written and those that they surround themselves with as council people, Zimmer is my vote. I feel she AND her team have the best chance to bring fresh, new voices into a city hall that often gets accused of cronyism, shady back office dealings and favoritism.

These are the issues that are important to me, and I believe that Dawn and her city council candidates are our best chance at seeing it happen:

1. Independent Review Of All City Departments. Hire a company from the outside to look at how we structure our police and fire departments. They would gather independent information about pay scales and state averages for city employees and to base our contract negotiations on that, not on cronyism and outdated contracts from the 1970's.

2. Property Tax Reassessment. My taxes went up 42%. Ok. I'm paying my fair share. But is the rest of Hoboken? Some people live in enormous homes and pay extremely low taxes. Some new Homeowners are taxed much higher. That's not fair, and we should have an independent analysis of what everyone is paying in Hoboken for their taxes and raise/lower/even everything properly. I'll my taxes at the increased 42% rate, as long as the rest of Hoboken is paying their fair share.

3. PILOTS. Understand them better. Make sure the public is informed. If we are giving government breaks to places like Church Towers - then shouldn't that "waiting list" be public, along with who owns the tower? Church Towers is one of many upcoming buildings where they are reviewing PILOTS. If my taxes increased 42%, why aren't building owners that rent units paying their fair share, too? I don't advocate increasing costs to subsidized renters or senior citizens. But there are lots of people living in Church Towers making plenty of money that can afford a rental increase to cover their fair share. They use the same public infrastructure that I do.

4. Modernization. Hoboken's city records are archaic. A better, modern system of record keeping, paying parking tickets online, and a 311 call center.

I have reviewed what Peter Cammarano and Beth Mason have said and wrote from various online websites. I was torn between Beth Mason and Dawn Zimmer, but I think at the end of the day i'd rather get people into public office like Ravi Bhalla and Dawn who are trying to sweep away the various scandals, mismanagement and political dealings of old Hoboken to bring new ideas, leadership and inspiration to a city that simply has been disappointed for many years by the Russo and Roberts administrations.

Encourage your neighbors to register. Every vote counts in this election.

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