Weekend: Phillies...Golf...10th and Willow...

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Weekend was "chillax". Yes, I promise never to use that word again.

Phillies on Friday was good, sans the outcome. Chan Ho Park needs about 1 more start and then we can drop him to the minors. I was "good" Friday night. Only drinking a bit because I had golf the next day.

I love to golf. But I seriously need lessons. My game has issues and I don't even know what the fix is anymore. If anyone has suggestions, i'm all ears.

Also, it's not easy to find a course close to Hoboken. My friends and I tried out Highpoint Golf Club in Montague, New Jersey. It's a solid hour drive from Hoboken, depending on traffic.

But has two key things going for it:

1. It's cheap. I played Saturday and green fees, with golf cart, $35 (I think "normally" it is $65 on weekends). Compare that to Architects, which is $110 for a round and easily an hour from Hoboken.

2. The course isn't bad. I have played quite a few public courses, and all things considered, I enjoyed it, even if my iron game was terrible (my putting was on fire, however).

After we golfed, the drive back was a bit longer, maybe an hour and fifteen minutes, because of traffic.

We went to 10th and Willow to watch the Kentucky Derby. I sincerely wish I lived close to 10th and Willow, for two reasons. One of my major complaints to moving downtown is that there's no really good "go to" bar for me. By "go to" I mean a bar like Court Street, where I can sit down, feel in "my element" and know that most of the food on the menu is good and the bartenders are friendly. Mulligan's serves me well for the drinking...and I have tried McSwiggan's, Dubliner, Buskers, Zack's, Four L's, Black Bear, Oddfellows, Texas Arizona, Hobson's...but most of them are average at best. Need something like Court Street or The Madison (as much as I hate the bar, I hear the food is very good).

At 10th and Willow, I had the hummus which was fair enough (I liked the pita, but the hummus was so-so), and the full rack of baby back ribs which were fall off the bone delicious...but extremely expensive at $32. Plus, to add to my eating enjoyment there was a dark haired waitress there who was easily one of the hottest girls in Hoboken. I definitely liked what I saw on the menu, and would be there every week for the food and the eye candy.

While at the bar, I did my best to avoid looking at the Mets/Phillies score on the TV tuned to ESPN. I recorded the Phillies/Mets game, with the expectation that i'd watch it when I got home on Saturday. I don't usually record live sports games, but I figured the game was on at 3:30, and by the time I got home around 6 or so, I would be able to watch the game, skip thru the commercials, and enjoy myself. Next time I need to plan better and tell my friends my idea. At the bar, one turns to me and says, "Hey Phillies won in the 10th...6 to 5!"

Sigh. I should have told them that I was recording it.

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