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We won't find out until Friday who the mayor is...and I have lots of things to say, but until everything settles, I will just hold off on my final judgement here. Suffice to say it has been a crazy election, and you have to say that 700+ absentee ballots with 70% going to Cammarano is simple proof of the Hudson County "Machine" that everyone warns about every election. There simply is a lot of money in local politics, and much of that is used to buy votes.

Hey, talking about crazy. Remember my story about the crazy guy at the polls? The one spouting off about Zimmer during the NJ Primary?

I'm walking with my friend Steve, and his baby son to the school to vote. I see the crazy guy, again, at the polls and he is now outside, on his little scooter. I pass him going in to vote. When leaving the building, walking over to Steve, he calls to me, "HI SEAN!"

I look at he has a shit-eating grin on his face, so happy with himself that he remembered my name from the last election (he was one of the workers who were working the sign-in books).

So I wave and say hi back, rolling my eyes at Steve and explaining the story to him. There are some real characters in this town, and many with too much time on their hands.

Anyhow, in other events...

I started a Atkins-esque diet, while doing cardio and lifting about 5 days a week. Was slightly derailed by slicing my pinkie finger by accident. Long story, but it wasn't while cooking. It was one of those cuts where in the first second after, I looked at it and my brain immediately processed: "OH SHIT. THIS IS A BAD CUT."

So my first instinct was to clasp my thumb and forefinger on my pinky, applying pressure to it (I didn't have a tissue or clean cloth handy). I run back to my condo, thinking "shit!shit!shit!shit!" the whole time, and i'm borderline thinking I should go to the hospital for stitches.

But I'm not a huge fan of our local hospital after my near mugging and my leg injury. It is amateur hour at St. Mary's Hospital.

After about 20 minutes, I check the wound, and i'll spare you the bloody details. It's not good, but I think I can avoid getting stitches. If you didn't know, you can actually wait 24 hours before getting them, and really it's only to help the wound close and reduce scarring. The wound was clotting, and I added some Neosporin, applied a lightly-tight bandaid (enough for good pressure, but not so much to cut off circulation)...and waited until the next day.

I cut it on metal, so I made an appointment to have my doctor look at it. I couldn't go the next day, and had to wait 36 hours later. Bottom line is that I got 3 days of antibiotics and a tetanus shot as a preventative measure.

In other stuff, I met with the hardwood floor guy last night. Nice guy. I don't have a firm estimation, but its going to be around $6,000 to do my place (excluding the bathroom and the kitchen tile floor it would be maybe 500 sq ft of floor?) with new maple hardwood floors. Now you all have seen pictures of my apartment, question for you.

What color floor should I go with? My cabinets are a cherry color, and my parquet floors are already a wheat color. The hallway is white tile, with no real natural lighting.

Do I go dark to match the cherry cabinets? Do I stay light, to brighten the place and make it look bigger?

Someone suggested I go with 1/2" thick hardwood floors, but I can't due to the concrete flooring and would have to go with 3/8" thick. Bad? Good?

So that's my first estimate. If anyone is knowledgeable about this and has any advice, drop me an email.

Also, if you were in my situation would you go with $6,000 towards a new car or towards hardwood floors?

It's a tough call. My car, I don't use as much, but would be fun to have a nicer ride. My apartment could use the flooring. I can't do both right now.

Decisions, decisions. As you know...I take a long time to make up my mind on purchases...

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