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In case you didn't know already...

We have two Google Groups: The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken ( and The Philadelphia Phillies Club of Hoboken (

We also have the same groups on Facebook (Phillies: or (Eagles:

The Phillies Club meets every FRIDAY night at Mulligan's Bar (159 1st Street) during this season. We have $2 Yuenglings and $2 Bud Light pints, along with $10 buckets of Bud light bottles, for all Phillies fans EVERY Friday. Nice way to start off the weekend for those that don't have houses down the shore.

The Eagles Club meets for each game day. Last season, for the Cardinals game we had 175 Eagles fans in the bar, for example. It's loud and fun, kind of like being at the game. We have $2 Yuenglings and $2 Bud Light bottles, along with $10 Buckets of Bud Light.

If you know anyone living in or around Hoboken, feel free to send them this information!

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