Gym routine...hard to get back on track

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Been kicking around the idea of car...hardwood floors...a dog...for now i'm not planning to move ahead for any of those at the moment.

With the economy the way it is and the fact that my bonus from Corporation X is going to be the lowest in my 15 years of working there kind of means I need to be careful about how I spend NOW. Without going into details, since I avoid writing anything work-related on here - i'm just happy to have a job.

Been dieting for the last few weeks. Lost about nine pounds so far and then plateaued. Need to decide what i'm going to do about joining Club H again.

I'm a fan of the gym. I think it's a great place to workout...just not such a fan of the cost now that I have a condo gym.

My condo gym I can do about 80% of what I can do from Club H, if I am creative. I have lost a lot of muscle mass in my 8 month layoff from working out. To a point where I saw a friend Saturday who said, "Wow, you lost a lot of weight!" (At first I was happy to hear this) and then he said, "Yea, you were jacked when I saw you last." (Big frown)

It's not fun starting out again at a gym. But I did go to my condo gym on Friday & Saturday. Did my normal gym routine w/lifting and cardio. Skipped Sunday. Would like to go 5 days this week and skip Saturday & Sunday (this was what I used to do).

Problem is my motivation dies when I walk in the door at my home. It was 10x easier to hit the gym once I got off the PATH and then go home after I worked out.

Other problem is that saving nearly $100 a month (yes, Club H is expensive), that money adds up. I haven't been to Club H since that's ~$700 more in my pocket. Also at least Club H was semi-social. I knew people there, and made a few casual friends. I kind of miss that aspect, too.

But then again, that's also part of the reason why i'm at where i'm at now with working out. Need to figure out a better way to motivate. Not sure how i'm going to decide with this, but I am leaning towards restarting my Club H membership. I keep writing about how i'm going to use my condo gym ... and then something comes up to throw the routine off for a week...which turns into a month...and then i'm back to square one.

I think i'm going to make July 1 my first day back. I have off for the week of July 4th from work. Good week where I can stop in, restart everything and get back into my routine.

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