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I think Hoboken is a bit worn out on the election, but here are my closing thoughts on the election now that Dawn Zimmer has conceded the race:

1. Congratulations to Peter Cammarano, Carol Marsh, Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello. As someone who supported Dawn, I would rather see her as mayor, but remain content that her slate won. I hope that Dawn will be elected as the president of the city council by her peers.

2. Glad to see that there was a strong interest by new voters. I hope that momentum surges for the next election. Remember it's only 2 years until we vote for our city council wards represenatives.

3. I hope the first order of business is getting our house in order. Need to take a strong look at our revenue (taxes) and finances (payroll) and make fair, appropriate changes that are fiscally responsible.

4. I also hope we take a strong look at our election procedures. It seems that it is greatly flawed, with many holes for voter fraud. For example, people who move outside of Hoboken receiving election ballots. Shouldn't someone look into a better way to make sure registered citizens of Hoboken vote?

5. I think this was a bigger victory for reformists than many realize. When the HDCO does everything in its power to get Cammarano and his slate their victory and squeaks out a 161 vote margin...says a lot to the grass roots campaign and the efforts of the people. I think it bodes well for future candidates who want to stand up to the Hudson County Machine.

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