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I have the week off from work. I get to relax, with nothing really planed except bumming around Hoboken. Going to meet up with some friends during the week. Exercise a bit.

This weekend was interesting. Corporation X had their summer party on Randall's Island. It was an extremely large affair, with tents for food, entertainment, and displays. It was the largest party I have attended in my 15 years working there, and simply wonderful. I put my diet on hold, so I could sample some of the great food there.

Also got to listen to a great entertainers called The Moth. They are live storytelllers (think of them like the original bloggers, heh) and basically each performer just had an interesting tale to tell about their life. I was really fascinated by them, because not only were they telling a story, but at the end, the instructor went on to explain about what makes a good story. I spoke to one after the performance, Peter - and he asked if I knew Adam Wade. I don't know Adam personally, but I certainly know of him and his website. The guy gave Adam a lot of praise...so Adam if you read this...The Moth storytellers think you are very talented.

Oh, also picked up the iPhone 3G S. Originally I planned to buy a Blackberry, but after seeing it in action (thanks to Chet), last week, I really liked what I saw. Up until this point I had a basic phone, with no bells or whistles. I can only say...WOW. If you don't own a smartphone yet, I would take a serious look at what you (and I) have been missing out for all these years. I remember one passive aggressive "friend" of mine chided me last year for not owning a phone that could download pictures. In my mind, I didn't see the reason to pay for that...now I really like what they can do.

I'll give you an example. I was in the city for the party on Randall's Island. I got in the cab, told the cabbie I needed to get to 35th street ferry...but he didn't know where it was (sure, we had the idea it was at 35th street and the water, but not sure exactly). I got out my iPhone, hit Google Maps, and showed the cabbie a map of the area in about 30 seconds.

Funny segue...in the cab. The guy is driving me over by 1st avenue and there's just horrific traffic there because of the traffic headed to Long Island. He decides to drive in REVERSE down a one way street (basically backing up along the edge of the street, maybe going 15 miles an hour), and then turns down another road to avoid traffic.

Part of me was thinking "Only in New York do you experience this insanity" - but he saved me some time and I left him $6 tip on a $12 bill.

Anyhow. Other random thoughts...

Soooo....what happened to RealHoboken.com? Just askin'? Kind of just disappears one day.

Anyone notice that Philly is getting a soccer team? I'm a casual fan of soccer, now that I have been hanging out at Mulligan's a lot...and really like the logo & design for the Philadelphia Union. Going to have to start paying more attention to them now.

Been doing my diet fairly good at the office - cheating a bit on the weekend, because my schedule is a bit more haphazard and far too many meetings with friends at the bars. Turns out that a friend of mine might be able to help me out with re-upping my membership at Club H. But, as it turns out, my condo gym has been fairly solid after a week of working out. I can do most of my lifts with the dumbbells, treadmills and weight machines. So far I can feel myself getting stronger and my jeans are falling off my hips.

I'm going to Atlantic City on Thursday, and staying overnight - just for fun. I figure there's no Bradley Beach shore house this year, and need to do something fun for my week off. Going with a buddy of mine and we hope for some luck on the tables!

July 4th should be back in town for a party on Saturday. Plan to take out my digital SLR and I bought a new tripod especially for this day...so I can take good pictures of fireworks along the Hudson. If the weather plays along, I will post them later.

I was talking to a friend of mine about my interest in getting a dog. He mentioned that dogs are great, but to remember that they are like an anchor - you have to change your life to revolve around them. He's a single guy like me, and says it does take away from a lot of freedom that we take for granted. He has no regret over his dog...just was cautioning me about thinking it through. So I will.

Well, back to a long day of doing nothing. Just the way I like my vacations.

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