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Ok, so thanks for all the kind emails about mom. Current status is fairly simple. We know she has a tumor on her brain stem. Some people who have this can live years without an issue, and may not need surgery. Others may need to operate if they see the tumor growing. So we are in a wait and see approach due to multiple factors (her age, the danger of surgery, the danger of chemo) and figure that if the tumor is growing...then we take action. Next up will be a doctor's visit in a few months for an MRI and see what the tumor is doing.

Been talking a bit on Facebook about getting a dog. I'm 95% there. I have been looking into rescue and looking into breeders. If you know, I did rescue my old cat, Honey, and she was a good cat, but never quite bonded with me the way I would have liked. So, i'm leaning towards getting a French Bulldog, i'd like to get a puppy (yes, I recognize this will be a lot of work), and the current breeder i'm talking to has a litter that will be due in mid-December.

I rejoined Club H. A friend of mine was able to get me a good deal and i'm locked in for another year. I have been hitting the gym a lot. Things have gone well, i'm down a pant size, and as much as I haven't been losing weight, i'm happy with my appearance, stamina and muscle gains. I'm not quite back to 100%, but more like 90%. Looking good, and feeling good.

I got over the last few days and tried a new place on 539 Park Ave called aptly enough "Park & 6th Comfort Food". There's two places in town that I go to get any of my hoagies - Vito's (Saturday they have London Broil with Mutz that is a must-eat for anyone new to town) and Fiore's (Thursday or Saturday they have Roast Beef with Mutz that is delish!).

I tried three of their specialty sandwiches so far, and hope to try them all with a formal review of all of them in the next few weeks. I tried their Buffalo Chicken Salad, Roast Beef Sandwich and their Italian Hero Sandwich (each sandwich has their own special name...like Eli Manning or The Hoboken, etc). Anyhow i'll write more on the place in a month or so, but suffice to say...seriously try it. If you like the weekend grinder/hoagie/hero like I do and feel betrayed when Vito's closes for a vacation...and are mildly disappointed that Luca Brasi's isn't that good...go to Park & 6th. Great bread. Excellent cold cuts. Good mutz. Often I deride a bunch of local businesses for being "average at best"...this is worth the walk. Try it.

Also want to do a write up soon of La Isla. I have to say that this is probably my #1 place to eat it town, now that i'm living downtown. Why? Because every day I walk in there after the gym and get their roasted chicken breast. For those of you crying over Boston Market closing...this is the next best place for good rotisserie chicken. And it's only $3.50 for a single chicken breast (I go home, slice it up, add some homemade rice and asparagus and call it a cheap meal). You can also get sides with it from La Isla, and I love eating their Papa Rellena (Potato Ball). Crispy on the outside, soft mashed potato inside and a core of ground beef and onion...it's heaven. But i'm sure not very healthy, so I don't eat them very often. Also you have to try their cuban sandwich which has roast pork, glazed ham, Swiss cheese, and thinly-sliced dill pickles that are added in layers on flat bread and pressed into a thin hot sandwich with a buttery garlic spread. Mmmmmm. Another thing you have to try.

My sister came up to visit me the other day, with her husband and kids. One reason, aside from seeing her favorite brother, was to see City Hall bakery. Has anyone else been noticing this? It's now a tourist destination. I saw people the other day looking around for it, and they finally asked me where it was located. I pointed them in the right direction, and the one pre-teen girl chirped happily while leading her mother to the store.

But it was a nice visit from my sister, they got to see City Hall bakery and I took them over to Oddfellows for dinner. Then afterwards, I walked them around the waterfront and we got some ice cream. I went to Rita's, I just love their custard. They had Cold Stone creamery. I recognize that Cold Stone is always packed, but it seems like they never have enough people working there. I watched some people wait in line and walk away in disgust for being forced to wait so long. That's one reason why I like Rita's. Their custard is awesome and you are in-and-out in less than 3 minutes.

Anyhow, i'm looking forward this week to having Friday off. I love summer.

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