2009 Phillies Post Season Thoughts

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First off, hats off to the Yankees and their fans. It was a fun series and the better team won.


With that said, this is what I think of the Phillies:

Good team, with a good core which just needs a few minor tweaks to contend for the next three years.

1. I would sign Cliff Lee to a contract extension. He is playing for the Phillies through 2010, but I would look to extend that to 2012.

2. I would look to sign Brett Meyers, who will be a free agent, but his injury will probably cost him a bit.

3. Tell Cole Hamels that he has 2 months vacation, but report to Clearwater early to learn how to throw a curveball. He needs a 3rd pitch. That may even mean a demotion to minor leagues for until he gets his pitch.

4. While Hamels is getting work, and you have Lee and Meyers as your #1 and #2 and Happ as #3, bring up Kyle Drabek (the guy we didn't give away for Roy Halladay).

5. Have faith in Lidge. 2009 was a tough season. He will bounce back.

6. Find a (reliable) left handed pitcher for the bullpen.

7. Sign Victorino to a multi-year deal.

8. Sign Blanton or part ways with him. My pitchers would be for 2010: Lee, Hamels (after he learns the curve ball, even if it means missing some of the regular season), Meyers, Happ, Drabek. That's your 1,2,3,4,5 pitchers, along with whatever minor league players we want to experiment with.

9. Find a better bat than Dobbs, Bruntlett, Francisco or Stairs - maybe time to promote Dominic Brown, another player we didn't want to give up for Roy Halladay. "Brown was hitting .303 (72-238) in 66 games at Clearwater with 41 R, 12 2B, 3 3B, 11 HR, 44 RBI and 15 BB. The 6'5", 200 lb. left-handed hitter owned a .386 OBP, .517 SLG and .903 OPS."

10. Don't panic. We have a good core and just need to make a few tweaks to be contenders again.

Andrew Tavani wrote up one of the best articles I have read about the Philadelphia Phillies Club of Hoboken. Here are the PDF files, and the picture above was from the front page of the paper.


Also in case you missed it, our club had two other write ups.

The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about us here. The Philadelphia Daily News wrote about us here.

Just remember that next season we will meet once a week, every Friday night, at Mulligan's to watch the regular season Phillies games. I hope to see you then!


Totally agree with your input on Drabek and Brown. Hamels had the third pitch last year and lost it this year - there were several theories on this, one was an undisclosed further elbow injury (his elbow was definitely injured early in the season) & another was pitching hangover from the 77 extra innings he pitched last year over the year before. Something was definitely off. He'll be back.

As you know now, the Phils let Myers go, and signed Lee for at least next season. I agree that we need to lock up Victorino. We'll find out about Feliz tomorrow (they have to exercise an option on him I think). I love Happ. My starters would be Lee, Happ, Hamels, Drabek, Blanton ( I would have taken Myers over Blanton, but there's a reason they're winning games without calling me for my opinion). Ha!

I'm not sure if we need Rauuuul out in LF. He's great and I like him but he's going to be 37 and he's hurt: see phillies team site: "Amaro said left fielder Raul Ibanez, closer Brad Lidge and reliever Scott Eyre would be seen by team doctors Friday. Eyre needs surgery to remove loose bodies from his left elbow. Lidge is going to get checked for loose bodies in his right elbow, which could have affected him during the season. Ibanez will have a MRI on his groin. He also had a tear in his abdomen, which might require surgery.

Lidge- yes, give him another 81 games. If he doesn't look like light's out Lidge or close to it in that half of a season, we need to reconsider our closer situation.

Bottom line, the core of our team is young (30ish) and strong. Barring any serious injuries (god help us) we should have several really fun winning seasons in our future. It's so awesome to be able to say that. I cannot in my lifetime recall having ever said that before (I had hopes in 94 but the strike sucked . . .and I was only about 8 when Schmidt SHOULD HAVE retired, so forgive me if I don't recall the early 80's team). Heh (I see he lasted through 1989, oddly I don't really remember much about those teams though).

Anyway, nice write up to you and nice article about the club. Glad to see it getting some recognition. I look forward to seeing all 100 of these dedicated and loyal fans each friday next summer. . . HA HA HA

did you see the injury report from today?

It turns out Phillies closer Brad Lidge was more injured in 2009 than he let on.

He will have surgery Wednesday to remove a loose body from his right elbow. He also will have his right flexor/pronator tendon evaluated. If the tendon needs to be repaired, Lidge is unlikely to be ready to pitch by the beginning of Spring Training -- although he should be ready a short time after. If the tendon is fine, he should be ready to pitch when camp opens in February in Clearwater, Fla. . . .Left fielder Raul Ibanez will have a sports hernia surgically repaired, and southpaw Scott Eyre will have loose bodies removed from his left elbow. Both surgeries will be on Monday.

It might be wrong, but I'm glad to hear that Lidge was hurt, that explains it a lot better than mental breakdown. I hope Eyre & Ibanez are ok after surgery.

I like the idea of picking up Polanco at 3rd IF and ONLY IF he has a hot glove. After sleeping on it, I've decided the Phils should keep Feliz. Our D is key and he's part of it. Our bats are already hot!

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