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Whud Up Wid Dat: Parking On Sidewalk

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A new category called "Whud Up Wid Dat". Basically when I see things around Hoboken that make no sense, i'll try to take a picture and explain what i'm thinking about.

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Living in my new 'hood over the last two years, I noticed that over by the municipal garage at the corner of Observer and Willow that cars are parked on the sidewalk. Whud Up Wid Dat?

It's always the SAME cars, every day. So much so that if you walked there today you would see the same white car in the picture...and it's on Google Maps!!

Lets call it like we see it. Who can get away with parking on sidewalks in Hoboken by a MUNICIPAL GARAGE?

City Employees? No. No way! Can't be.

Look, i'm sure someone who works there is going to whine about not being able to find parking. I agree, parking is a bitch. But I see these cars parked when i'm going to work at 7am. I'm sure they can find street parking on Observer Highway or in the neighborhood at that time.

This is a classic example of Hoboken for you. The police won't do anything about it, because the feeling I get from them is that it is beneath them. There is an "above the law" mentality that city employees have here, which means if you work for the city you can do whatever you want. But, with great websites like Hoboken411, Hoboken Now & Hoboken Journal putting a spotlight on the going's on around here - things have been changing.

I hope someone does something about this illegal parking & soon.

Also for your enjoyment, a story about New Years Eve a few years back: Read It Here.

Merry Christmas!

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I know I haven't been updating the blog as often as I used to. I think part of the reason is because Facebook seems to be such a quick and easy medium to write quick (and often mundane) comments or adding pictures of Rocco, etc.

Suffice to say, I hope to add more content in 2010.

I'm applying to the Shade Tree Commission in Hoboken: "Our mission is to be the preeminent City authority that develops, promotes and sustains a productive and safe shade tree resource that benefits the environmental, economic and social well being of the City of Hoboken and its residents."

I definitely consider myself someone who wants to see environmental well being in Hoboken, and this is my chance to actively get involved and volunteer my time for the city of Hoboken and its residents.

In other news, Rocco has been doing fantastic. We completed our second round of classes with Joana Watsky of Sit and Stay. I'm considering taking him to the next round where Rocco can get AKC certified Good Canine Citizen or as a therapy dog. Rocco is smart as a whip and loves everyone. We are currently working on "stay" together, and he's getting better with each day. I have been putting him into a down/stay, and that's been our hardest time. Rocco isn't a huge fan of "down", unless he is tired from a long day of playing at Church Square Park.

Also i'm going to try and get involved in other things in Hoboken, now that i'm a dog owner I see some issues that certainly could be fixed, like trying to get City Hall to allow dog owners to register & license their dogs online. In a city of 45,000 people how many licensed dogs do you think there are? I would hazard most people don't spend the $10 per year to properly license their dog because they don't see a reason WHY they should. Personally, i'd like to see about starting a campaign to license our dogs AND show a benefit to why we should - most notably would be making sure that our dog runs are maintained, improved or upgraded by the funds of those that license our dogs. If 1500 people in down license their dogs, that is $15,000 a year that the city can put forward to upgrading our dog parks.

Anyhow, more on that later. I'm headed to Philly this weekend to see my family. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays this season.

*the picture above isn't Rocco, but I thought it was cute anyhow!

I haven't done a Top Five in a while, so here you go...

You have had every pundit chime in the last week or two talking about the good, bad and ugly about the Roy Halladay trade to Philadelphia. Here's my .02 cents.

1. Love Cliff Lee. Solid guy, and if he wanted to play for the Phillies, i'd love to see that too!! But lets get realistic, you have Halladay who also wants to play in Philadelphia, is equal, if not slightly better than Cliff Lee...and isn't looking for a revenue busting contract.

2. I'm a fan of Kyle Drabek. I hate to see him leave, also. I think that kid COULD be a great pitcher...someday. Here's the key, Phillies fans: SOMEDAY. We don't know what we have with Drabek. He could be a Cy Young winner or some overhyped kid. We don't know if he will be good next season or in three seasons.

3. This is what we DO know with this trade - we have the Michael Jordan, the Wayne Gretsky, the Barry Sanders of this game. Will Roy alone carry us to a World Series? No. But he's a game changer. Lee was that same game changer, no doubt - but Lee didn't want to stick with us for the next 3 to 4 years. He COULD have returned after next year, but do YOU want the Phillies to get into a bidding war with the Red Sox & Yankees over Cliff Lee? I don't.

4. The Phillies basically have a limited window with their contracts right now. Mostly everyone is signed through 2011 (except Werth who becomes a free agent after next year, unless he signs an extension). Like I said about Drabek before...there's a "win now" mentality before the Phillies will have to go into a rebuild phase.

5. Phillies attendance and revenues have been skyrocketing in recent years, and note this from Sports Illustrated: "The Phillies represent the biggest growth brand in the baseball industry, similar to how the Red Sox began to rise in 2003 under new ownership. Their farm system is so flush that they could trade for both Lee (who cost them four prospects) and Halladay inside of six months and still have hay in the barn. Their attendance has risen 38 percent since 2006, climbing from 2.6 million -- ninth in the league -- to 3.6 million. Their payroll in those three years jumped 49 percent, from $88 million to $131 million and is likely to approach $140 million in 2010. Local television ratings for the Phillies on CSN Philadelphia, their regional sports network, soared 24 percent last year alone -- the team's seventh consecutive season with increased viewership. The Phillies' 7.13 rating and 210,000 average homes are team records. Only the Yankees and Red Sox reach more households with their local networks -- making the Phillies the most watched team in the NL."

Translation: Philadelphia LOVES baseball. You build a winning team, and the the fans respond. I have been going to Mets vs Phillies games since I moved up here, supporting the team when they were dreadful. Wearing my Phillies cap with pride for many a summer. If you are a fan like me, this is your time to enjoy watching probably the best Phillies team in the history of the franchise.

If we didn't face the Yankees this year, we may have had another World Series trophy. Who knows? But to be the best, you have to beat the best. Yankees were the best team in 2009, and getting Roy Halladay is part of the way that the Phillies are putting our team in a position to win another World Series in the next three years.

Patrolling Police?

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I have been walking to the PATH station for many years. Sure, you always get the local and port authority police who are standing AT the PATH station, which is good.

But for the first time in a LONG time, I actually saw a police officer PATROLLING on foot yesterday afternoon after I got out of work on the corner of Newark and Hudson.

I was shocked and impressed. Walked up to him and said, "Not to be condescending, but it's great to see a police officer on the street."

He smiled and said "Thank you!" and shook my hand. Then he told me his name, and I told him good night.

Lo and behold, but this morning on my walk into work the same police officer was patrolling again, around the same area. I was going to say hello, but he was busily chatting with another neighbor on his way towards the PATH station.

Every once in a blue moon (not counting festivals or parades) I see a police officer actually PATROLLING the streets. I love it. Taxes to pay for that, no problem.

Less officers sitting behind desks and more officers on the streets. I'll gladly pay my fair share of taxes for that and a reasonable pay & rank scale (based on national metro averages, and not some insane numbers that past Mayors and City Council members cooked up behind closed doors).

I personally would love to see police officers assigned to specific wards. They should patrol those wards, on foot, get to know the neighbors. Rotate these patrols yearly to get new cops in new wards. Wouldn't that create a better bond between the police and the neighborhood? I think it would. How often do you really meet a police officer who is patrolling in their cruiser?

Maybe the patrolling police officer is just an analomy or maybe it's something new to do with Police Chief Falco. I am hoping for the latter.

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