Patrolling Police?

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I have been walking to the PATH station for many years. Sure, you always get the local and port authority police who are standing AT the PATH station, which is good.

But for the first time in a LONG time, I actually saw a police officer PATROLLING on foot yesterday afternoon after I got out of work on the corner of Newark and Hudson.

I was shocked and impressed. Walked up to him and said, "Not to be condescending, but it's great to see a police officer on the street."

He smiled and said "Thank you!" and shook my hand. Then he told me his name, and I told him good night.

Lo and behold, but this morning on my walk into work the same police officer was patrolling again, around the same area. I was going to say hello, but he was busily chatting with another neighbor on his way towards the PATH station.

Every once in a blue moon (not counting festivals or parades) I see a police officer actually PATROLLING the streets. I love it. Taxes to pay for that, no problem.

Less officers sitting behind desks and more officers on the streets. I'll gladly pay my fair share of taxes for that and a reasonable pay & rank scale (based on national metro averages, and not some insane numbers that past Mayors and City Council members cooked up behind closed doors).

I personally would love to see police officers assigned to specific wards. They should patrol those wards, on foot, get to know the neighbors. Rotate these patrols yearly to get new cops in new wards. Wouldn't that create a better bond between the police and the neighborhood? I think it would. How often do you really meet a police officer who is patrolling in their cruiser?

Maybe the patrolling police officer is just an analomy or maybe it's something new to do with Police Chief Falco. I am hoping for the latter.

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