Whud Up Wid Dat: Parking On Sidewalk

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A new category called "Whud Up Wid Dat". Basically when I see things around Hoboken that make no sense, i'll try to take a picture and explain what i'm thinking about.

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Living in my new 'hood over the last two years, I noticed that over by the municipal garage at the corner of Observer and Willow that cars are parked on the sidewalk. Whud Up Wid Dat?

It's always the SAME cars, every day. So much so that if you walked there today you would see the same white car in the picture...and it's on Google Maps!!

Lets call it like we see it. Who can get away with parking on sidewalks in Hoboken by a MUNICIPAL GARAGE?

City Employees? No. No way! Can't be.

Look, i'm sure someone who works there is going to whine about not being able to find parking. I agree, parking is a bitch. But I see these cars parked when i'm going to work at 7am. I'm sure they can find street parking on Observer Highway or in the neighborhood at that time.

This is a classic example of Hoboken for you. The police won't do anything about it, because the feeling I get from them is that it is beneath them. There is an "above the law" mentality that city employees have here, which means if you work for the city you can do whatever you want. But, with great websites like Hoboken411, Hoboken Now & Hoboken Journal putting a spotlight on the going's on around here - things have been changing.

I hope someone does something about this illegal parking & soon.

Also for your enjoyment, a story about New Years Eve a few years back: Read It Here.

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