Idea Of The Day: Dog Hooks Outside Businesses

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So we live in an urban area. I take Rocco out with me for any errand I do. If i'm picking up food or going to CVS or a store. One of my main "issues" is when I want to go inside, what do I do with him?

Often, i'm lucky because I can tie him to a parking meter or street sign while I go inside a deli and order my sandwich. Yes, trust me, i'm watching him from the store. But there have been times where there isn't a convenient place to tie him up in Hoboken.

For example, Vito's Deli or Energy Kitchen.

There's no parking meters or signs, so I found some pipe that I could tie the leash to. That worked and I ordered my food and he sat there, patiently, waiting for me.

I think it would be a great thing if businesses in town could put up dog hooks for owners with pets. Simply install it outside a business, preferably in front (or under) of a window. Dog owners can walk up, hook the leash and go inside.

What can it cost, a dollar or two? Only issue is that I don't know of a real "dog hook" that can be purchased for such an idea. Plus I also don't know how local businesses really care or not about installing something like that outside their business (I did Google this a bit and found that they are popular in England). It would have to be far enough away from the door as not to impede traffic.

What are your thoughts on this? You could say "leave Rocco home", but I want my dog to get exercise as much as possible, because a tired dog is a happy dog.

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I think it's a good idea, but my guess the reason this hasn't happened already is because of (like many things) the wandering imaginations of shop owners. They probably picture a scenario where someone with a lesser-behaved dog is left outside, bites someone or breaks the hook and runs away, and then the store is somehow held responsible by encouraging the unattended dogs. (I guess the owner is held responsible if you are using public property?)

Then again, there are some shop owners who would forego the risk in favor of being a dog-owner friendly shop.

Hook-wise, I would think that a bunch a oversized carabiners welded to a pipe would do the job quite well. A plumber would probably be happy to take the job.

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