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Sorry, I have been bad with my updates. Truth be told I have found that Facebook is just so much easier for updates. But here's a bunch of quick hits to let you know what is going on in my life...

Diet: Remember I was writing about my crazy diet? Well, it basically worked. I have been hitting the gym strong since January 1 and lost a few pounds of fat and gained a few pounds of muscle. My goal isn't a 6-pack or anything silly. Just to look good and feel good. Right now, and my current diet is basically like this:

  • Morning: Power Shake ((Muscle Milk Light), Coffee (half and half w/sugar)
  • Mid-day: 5 Egg Whites with a touch of ketchup
  • Lunch: Energy Kitchen Wrap or Hamburger, no sides or Chicken & sweet potato.
  • Pre-Gym: Energy Kitchen Chicken Stir Fry on Plate or Chicken & Broccolini.
  • Post-Gym: Power Shake (Muscle Milk Light)
  • Dinner: Varies. Try to keep mostly healthy. Usually have 1 Corona with dinner, but that's it.

Sure, I could cut out the coffee and the beer, but they are my little cheats and make me feel like i'm not starving myself. Plus, I allow myself to cheat on the weekends. For me, it works. The reason why i'm sharing this with you is that you CAN diet without killing yourself. You CAN lose weight if you stick to exercising 4-5 days a week (more on this later).

Taco Truck: If you live in Hoboken, read my blog and haven't been to Taco Truck, you fail. This is easily the "Best Of Hoboken" by a long shot. I haven't been this excited for a business since Hoboken Eddie was in town. The food is super fresh. The truck isn't some grease pit, it is clean and environmentally friendly. The staff is awesome. Perfect example is allowing me to create the "Seanito". With my diet, i'm trying to reduce the amount carbs during the week. They make an awesome pork "torta" (sandwich), which I love which has pork, onions, avocado, pickled jalapenos. I told them to make me the sandwich and hold the bread and put it over rice. I called it the "Seanie Special". After a while, they said they wanted to call it the "Seanito". So now it is on the "secret menu". I told some people on Facebook about it, and the Taco Truck guys have told me people have actually ordered it (people who I don't know). I found that funny. So, there you go - try the Taco Truck. Easily the best thing in Hoboken in a long time.

Stefani Pierogi Truck: Another truck? Wasn't I just talking about a diet?! Well truth be told this just opened recently and I had to try it. It's another truck in town, and this is not a diet-friendly truck, but it is very good. I had the pierogis which were onion and potato, first boiled and then lightly pan fried. They were excellent, if a bit small. I also tried the kielbasa sandwich, with sauerkraut and Dijon mustard. I think the sandwich was "good", but not great. Wasn't a fan of the bread, even if it was from Balthazar bakery. I suggested to them they should replace it with a good Amoroso's Italian bread. Would be a much better choice, and if you are from Philly I know you agree with me.

Rocco: The "Rock Man" is awesome. I have a dog walker who walks him daily ($12) & also does a "doggie day care" for him ($20) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She has a nice big backyard, watches a few other dogs too. I tried to let Rocco out of the cage for about a month (around February, when he was 7 months) and he was mostly good, until he decided to chew on my furniture about four weeks in. He's back in the crate, and I will try again when he is 1 year old. On Friday nights when I run the Philadelphia Phillies Club of Hoboken at Mulligan's bar, I let him out of the crate to be alone for 3-4 hours. So far he has been good. Also, if you are looking for a dog walker...email me and I will be happy to get you in touch with my walker.

Summer: From Memorial Day to Labor Day I took off every Friday from work. No reason. No plans. Just three day weekends the whole summer. I never did this before at my job of 16 years (how many people do you know who had 1 job out of college for 16 years anymore?)

Eagles: People keep asking me, "What do you think of Kolb?" My basic answer is that I hope i'm wrong about him. Honestly, I think he isn't as good as the Eagles have been hyping him to be. He gets intercepted too often. Reminds me of Bobby Hoying. I think next season we will start out strong, but end up 7-9. Also a name you want to start watching is Mike Kafka. 4th round draft pick by the Eagles out of Northwestern. My spidey senses tell me that if Kolb is a bust, this is our starter in late 2011.

Also another problem with the Eagles is that I don't have a jersey. All those years of wearing Westbrook, or Owens, or Corey Simon...and now I have to pick another player to follow. I like Jackson, but EVERYONE has a Jackson jersey. I'm waiting for another player to emerge and decide on a player to root for. I'm definitely NOT getting Kolb.

Phillies: I was telling my friend the other day about how awesome it is to have a good baseball team. In the years when the Phillies were God-awful, I would still go to Shea to watch them play the Mets, but certainly not following them like I do now. I ordered the MLB.com package and watch them 4-5 days a week now. I know about every player on the team. I'm keeping track of the farm system and some of the names down there. I haven't been this obsessed about the Phillies...ever. It's FUN to have something like this to watch over summer, whereas in years past i'd just be counting down the summer months to Eagles training camp and then counting down the days to the pre-season, and then counting down the days to the regular season. With my Fridays off this summer, I definitely want to try to see about driving down to Philly and catch some games now (with the only issue is what to do about Rocco).

Gym: I'm hitting Club H for 4 days a week. I go Monday (Biceps/Triceps), Tuesday (Back), skip Wednesday, and go Thursday (Chest), Friday (Shoulders). I mix up my 25 minutes of cardio each week, trying to keep my body off balance. Right now i'm jogging at 6mph. Next week plan to jog at 6mph and throw in a few 8.5mph sprints for 30 seconds. I benched 215 twice yesterday, and tried 225 with a spotter. This is good for me, and considering where I started a big improvement. I feel better and I sleep better in the last few months, and hope to eventually try some jogging outside soon.

That's mostly it right now. Life is chugging along and i'm having fun. Looking forward to the summer and some new experiences.

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