NJ Gas Tax Is Among the Lowest In The United States...Why?

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Trenton owes 13 BILLION dollars. Billion. We are slashing everything.

But everyone needs to look at this:


Look at the gas tax in surrounding states:
PA: 50.7 cents per gallon.
NY: 59.6 cents per gallon.
DE: 41.4 cents per gallon.

What does NJ pay?

32.9 cents per gallon.

Another interesting fact about NJ is that full service pumping costs consumers about six cents per gallon. Why? Why pay for this? Convenient? Sure. But NECESSARY? Hell no. You have too many soft people in NJ who whine about pumping gas, and that is ridiculous. PA, NJ and DE residents have no problem doing it and i'm sure NJ residents can do it just fine, too.

I can only hope the governor takes two key steps. Abolish full-serve, and raise gas taxes by 16 cents. The total cost to NJ residents would only be a 10 cent increase once we did away with full serve and maybe we can then think about ways to keep some more teachers, police and firefighters.

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