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A little birdy told me that an Applebees is looking to develop at the old Barnes and Nobles site. They are looking to get a liquor license, and running into some resistance. I personally think that even without a liquor license that the place would still rake in money. I'm standing firm to my belief that an IHOP would destroy everyone if they built one there.

Another rumor I heard is that Stacks is looking for a second location...might be uptown or downtown. Do you think a second location to Stacks would hurt the midtown location's traffic?

A third confirmation (from the owners) I heard was that Park & Sixth is opening a new deli on Grove St. So you people working in Jersey City get a great new deli to order from for lunch.

Another interesting tidbit I heard was that at the

I was at a community meeting on Saturday. There was a crowd of about 20 people, listening to the presenters. The presenters were parents, who, on their own, reached out to other parents, playground manufacturers and children to come up with some ideas about updating some of our playgrounds in Church Square Park.

They seemed like good ideas to me. The plan was about trying to raise money, use grants or corporate/private donations. Larger donations could involve specific park benches having a plaque affixed, while smaller donations would get bricks with the person who donated name on it. Seems like some good ideas here, and hopefully the park can get some desperate upgrades. Every time I walk Rocco into CSP, the parks are full of kids playing & parents watching over them. Clearly there is a need for better use of our existing park space.

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