Giving Thanks & Giving Grief

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Sure, it's that time of the year where we all get sentimental, and sappy, each writing about how we love our family, health and friends for everything and blah blah blah.

OK, but my one nephew did ask "What are you thankful for, Uncle Sean....?" in a sarcastic/joking way on our car ride home and it prompted this sincere response from me:

"Actually kidding aside, Fredo*, what i'm thankful for is my family. As you get older you realize how you have been blessed in life to have wonderful siblings, family in laws and parents. I definitely have been very fortunate to have a great family. The only thing I wish I had was my father back to enjoy these holidays with him."

*name changed to prevent angry emails from his mother, my sister :)

So that's my giving thanks moment. Moving on. Here's what I'd like to Give Grief about, because that's more fun:

1. I was walking down the street the other day and a guy was trying to jump start a car. He put both leads on both batteries. I stopped and yelled to him, "Hey man, that's wrong. You need to put the black cable on a ground..."

He rebuffed me - "I have done this a hundred times, I know what i'm doing..."

I start to explain why he's wrong. Then stop when I realize he doesn't care. I just said "Forget it." and walked away. I have found that as I get older I start to care less about fixing the world.

2. Why is is that every person on the planet have no idea how to drive? I'm not perfect but I do understand this simple rule:


How hard is that? I don't care if you are going 75 mph or 80. DO NOT SIT IN THE FUCKING LANE. I swear to God that's the #1 thing that drives me insane for my not very often drives to DC or Philly on I-95, I couldn't imagine the road rage I would have if I was in sales and drove around Jersey for a living.

Oh, same rule applies if you are at the PATH station and going up and down stairs, people. If you are a slow motherfucker - get right. I seriously want to invent a scrolling banner, that I can put on the front of my car which will type in reverse. So someone looking in their rear view mirror will see the letters flipped to proper text that says:


Wouldn't that be awesome invention? Shit, you could write a whole bunch of things to vent your road rage. But I would guess it would lead to many, many more accidents and fist fights. Still would be a great invention. needs to figure out a way to team up with Facebook so people can link their license plate to their account (but keep their name anonymous to people searching for their license plate) - then people can get plenty of texts about their shitty driving. But most people will be like the jumper cable guy - everyone always thinks they are "right" even when they are wrong.

3. What the fuck is up in Hoboken politics these days? A friend of mine who I haven't seen in ages told me that Hoboken City Hall was the best public theater in town. He was completely and utterly correct. At first when he told me this I didn't own a home and really didn't care about local politics. Let me tell you something - our town can easily rival ANYTHING ON TV. You could easily sit a Hollywood writer down and watch what goes on here and it would be must-see-TV with the backstabbing, conspiracies and bullshit mud flinging that is going on.

If any of this interests you I implore you to read what REALLY is going on in town by reading Mile Square View, Hoboken Journal or Hoboken Patch.

We currently have a 5 person majority city council that plans to do everything possible to obstruct Mayor Zimmer until the May 2011 city council elections. We have to start right now getting the word out, registering voters and getting NEW people on the city council who actually want to move the city forward. There is a small group of people known as "The Old Guard" who want to control the city (anyone watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO? Eerily similar tactics are used in Hoboken!).

Get informed and get involved. I usually don't make my blog about politics, but I simply can't stand watching people who are simply evil and beyond reproach try to character assassinate & intimidate anyone who dares get in their way. My only goal is to get more NEW people involved and registered to vote. My #1 goal in the upcoming weeks is to get everyone in my 100 unit building registered to vote for the upcoming election. There's at least 200+ people in my building and another 200+ people I have in the Eagles and Phillies Club and probably about 200+ unique monthly readers on my website who live in Hoboken.

I don't expect to get all of them to vote - but in these elections its incredible how often the phrase "Every vote counts" is used. It's so true in Hoboken.

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