I've Been In Hibernation Mode

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Well, what a year 2010 has been.

I had my first full year with Rocco, and it has been good and bad. The good is that he's a great dog, who is very smart and playful. He doesn't bark. Just sighs a lot when discontent. Belly rub fixes that. The bad is that dogs are expensive. The vet bills & dog walker bills cost more than I expected. Worth it? Sure. He's a great companion, and I never feel alone with him around.

Life has been pretty steady. I haven't been blogging as much because, well, things have been kind of normal lately. But I will throw out a few things here, because if you are still reading my blog you must be wondering what i'm up to.

Dozzino's: This is a new "artisanal" pizza shop in Hoboken. I would like to go back a few more times before writing a real review, but my first impression is simple: it's wonderful to look at and eat, but spending $20 on pizza and soup is a bit silly. We had their lentil soup appetizer and it was o u t s t a n d i n g. We shared two of their pizzas and they were good. Not great. Good. It is a BYOB, and we just had tap water - total bill with tip was $40 for two people. Will I go back? Sure. Will I go back more than two times a year? I doubt it. I'm not sure if there is a 'simple' fix here. I mean, I live a block from Grimaldi's on Clinton. If I was in the mood for pizza like this, i'd head to Grimaldi's. Unless the pizza was far superior, i'd go there, but its not. I love what they did with the place, I really do. I wish more restaurants looked as cool as Dozzino's. It's not that it is overpriced - its equally priced with other equally as good places like Grimaldi's or Napoli's who also make brick oven pizza in Hoboken. If Dozzino set itself apart from the pack...then there's something to write about. I'm sure if I lived with a three block radius of the place, i'd eat there just as much as I do for Grimaldi's, which is probably every other month or so.

Village Pourhouse: I think it is a understatement that this bar has been a great success story in its first month. They are bar owners who "get it" - they understand what customer service means. They have had their share of lumps in the first month too -- there was a few slips they made when billing me, that I had to fix. But that was the bartenders slip up and the management did a good job fixing some minor issues. My only complaint about the place is that it is always packed & the food is good, but I often spend more money than i'd like eating and having a few Pacifico beers. I'd rather get a sandwich from Park & Sixth and a six pack of Pacifico and eat at home. Maybe I sound cheap, but spending $30 for a sandwich and two beers at Pourhouse just isn't worth it for me more than once every other month.

Pacifico: Technically known as "Cerveza PacĂ­fico Clara". This is my new favorite beer. My brother turned me on to this over the summer and it has replaced Yuengling or Corona as my favorite beer. It is available at Sparrow and other larger beer shops. Buy it. Make sure it's ice cold and have a burger with it. It's fucking fantastic. Yes, FUCKING fantastic - not just "regular" fantastic. I have to beg Paul at Mulligan's to get this beer behind the bar.

Gym: Seems like every year from October to January i'm in hibernation mode. Thinking about joining Crossfit: Hoboken. After working out at Club H for the last four years I know "how" to lift. But I always plateau. Also tried to do the condo gym, but i'm just someone who does better when forced to go to the gym. My only issue is that I wish Crossfit was located where Club H was located, which was perfect for me - I'd come of the PATH, hit the gym, and go home. Now, i'd go home -- lose motivation and can see myself skipping it. I have to do something because its amazing how quickly I lose muscle and gain flab when I stop working out. My diet hasn't helped either. Damn you, Pacifico!

2010 has been a good year. Here's to even a better 2011. I hope all of you are safe and happy in the coming year, and just remember to enjoy life. There's always the belief that things can be put off for another day - but if you wait too long it may disappear. I try to keep reminding myself that every morning. Carpe Diem!

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