Top 5 Items You Should Have For A Wintry Day In Hoboken

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I wrote a few years ago a list of things people should get for a rainy day. With all the recent snowstorms and cold weather, I thought of the things I enjoyed wearing on a cold, snowy day which have made a big difference in my walk to work. Enjoy!

1. Boots, real boots. Far to often I see people walking in the slush and snow in sneakers. You got to be kidding me. Man up and buy actual boots. What I did was buy hiking boots, from Asolo. I'd get the Moran GTX. They are made in Romania. You think they know snow? You bet they do. These are like winter tires for your feet. I plow past the other slowpokes on the sidewalks who are walking in the tamped down snow. Plus, if you get hiking boots you can use them - to go hiking or camping, so you can get year round use out of them. I'm going hiking/camping in a few weeks.

2. One wool sweater. I have one wool sweater I bought from J. Crew about 6 years ago. It's thick, but not too heavy. Fits me really well and doesn't itch one bit. I put this sweater on, and I can be outside all day long in cold weather. Wool is where it's at. It was good enough for our copper-age brothers, and still perfect even today. This sweater I have is so warm that I have literally had to unbutton my coat sometimes because I would get so hot, but wool breathes so well - that I don't sweat, unlike cotton.

3. Fingerless gloves. My one friend laughed called them "Hobo gloves", but they are simply awesome. One would think "Why buy it - my fingertips will be cold!" That's not true. I don't know why, 20110121.jpgbut I guess the fact that 90% of your hands are covered just doesn't make my fingertips cold at all. Plus, having my fingertips exposed, I can easily use my iPhone, whereas with gloves, i'd have to take my gloves off and then put them back on. Also with gloves you lose your sense of touch, so when I reach into my pocket and pull out my keys, wallet or metrocard - its a trillion times easier. Definitely my #1 purchase I made this winter, and I bought it on I got the green colored ones and not the red ones - to match my next topic...

4. Flip Your Lid - get a winter hat! I remember for years and years I would go to work in winter all bundled up, with my sweater, coat, scarf, gloves - and i'd never wear a hat because "I didn't want to mess up my hair". As I got older, and more annoyed by the cold - I have completely changed my view here. Hair be damned! Plus, my "style" is messed up hair anyhow, so the hat actually helps. Personally, I recommend you buy your favorite football, hockey or baseball team hat and wear it with pride. I sport a Philadelphia Eagles winter hat or a Philadelphia Flyers winter hat (I haven't found one besides the basic black that I like yet).

5. Winter is the best time for port wine... I have long written about how much I love port wine, and it really is a cold weather kind of love I have for it. If you haven't had port wine, I can honestly say you are missing out and I feel sorry for people like you. But then again, just means more port wine for me. The other day I was at Hoboken Vine. Really an underrated store that more people in Hoboken should know about. I was going to pick up my Taylor Fladgate port, when I saw they had another 10 year old tawny rated at 92 by Wine Spectator, I think it was Cockburn's, but I have to double check. Suffice to say, I loved it. Hoboken Vine has all sorts of helpful people working there, and worth checking out their other wines, too.

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