Little Did I Know

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Living in Hoboken for 17 years, I often have heard from my friend Billy, "Hoboken politics is like free theater."

It's 100% true.

For a long time I didn't care. I remember when I first voted, I voted for Mayor Russo. I didn't know much about him, but there was a rumor that was floating around that his opponent, then Carol Marsh, wanted to shut down the bars an hour early - at 1am on weeknights and 2am on weekends.

What a horrible thought! We can't have that! At 20-something I registered and happily voted "Russo" to keep the bars open. Little did I know.

In the next election, only a few years later, I voted Roberts. I voted for him because he was going to move things forward and keep taxes down. Unfortunately, I didn't know it involved gimmicks like selling the municipal lots and applying that to our tax bill. Again, little did I know.

The more I started to listen, and read, the more I learned. I started reading a local community blog that was one sided in its commentary. I believed it. I bought into it. Sadly, they probably think they are being honest, when in reality they are just telling half of the story in order to sway opinion. They leave out facts. They don't report ALL the news, just the news they want you to hear. It would be like someone watching only Glenn Beck on FOXNews, and not listening to other news sources. Half-truths, and one sides of the story. Little did I know.

Then I started to read other blogs that started to tell the WHOLE STORY (Mile Square View and Hoboken Patch). That's when my eyes really opened. That's when I realized I was simply being deceived. That's when I knew that there were many Hoboken politicians and their handlers who were like the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Folks, I can't stress enough how this election is really about good versus evil. Voter apathy is rampant in Hoboken elections - and sometimes the bad guys win. Most people don't see the difference of one vote. These local elections are decided by around 100 votes. If you are registered, I would ask you to please take 5 minutes of your life and vote tomorrow. FIND YOUR POLLING PLACE HERE.

Vote for the reform of Hoboken. Sweep out the people who want to send Hoboken back to the old days of back room deals and shady politics.

Please vote for the future of our City by voting for:

Eric Kurta - 1st Ward
Tom Greaney - 2nd Ward
Greg Lincoln - 3rd Ward
Rami Pinchevsky - 4th Ward
Peter Cunningham - 5th Ward
Jen Giattino - 6th Ward

Every vote counts. Polls are open from 6am until 8pm.

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