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Great job getting back the council majority. It could have been sweeter to sweep out Mason or Castellano. Seems like every election we learn the lesson of the importance of rallying the vote. We have people who post on their Facebook walls "Remember 9/11" or "Remember our fallen soliders" - but those same people don't vote? What do you think our soldiers are dying for - freedom. Freedom to vote. If you didn't vote in the council elections (and could have) I think that's a terrible shame.

If I were in charge i'd do the following four things:

1. Motor Voter registration. You register a drivers license, and are registered to vote.
2. Automatic vote by mail. Everyone who is registered gets the ballot mailed to them.
3. Explore the possibility of changing our voting day to a weekend. In other countries, like France, voting is held on the weekend, when most voters are away from work.
4. Vote over internet. Countries like the UK, France and Switzerland use internet voting.

Politicians are notoriously against changes like this. Why? They claim its about security, but really bank on low voter turnout.

I think the most 'realistic' change for Hoboken is one of two methods:

1. Move the election to the November elections.
2. If we want to keep it separate, move it to the second Saturday in May.

What would you do to increase voter turnout?

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