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Bad Sean, BAD.

Not updating the blog enough. Truth be told, I once said how Facebook would kill blogging, and in a way it's true. So much easier to quickly update my Facebook page with thoughts, blurbs and quick links.

But, I still like this old fashioned thing, so why not give you some of the updates I have written on Facebook.




OK, how about how about Hertz Connect, now known as Hertz on Demand. I tried it the other day, and it was fantastically easy. I had registered earlier in the year, so already had my membership card. There's two cars right on the corner outside my condo on Newark and Clinton. Oh, quick segue...

There's a lot of people on city council who ramble incessantly about corner cars and how they take up parking spots. That's ridiculous. I was someone who parked in a garage. I paid $185 a month for that garage spot. I sold my car. So there was one free garage spot now and one less car that could be parked on the street. 400+ others like me have been doing this because of the availability of Zip car and Hertz on Demand. More people would be willing to do this if they knew better.

Deeper SEGUE...

I was on the beach last weekend (more on that later), and talking to a friend, Kara. I told her about Hertz on Demand...and she never knew the details. Didn't know the details? After all the blogging and news about Hertz on Demand and Zip Car. Yep. Didn't know that Hoboken residents who register for Corner Cars with the "HOBOKEN" keyword will receive two years of free annual membership and a $75 credit to their account. A one-time $25 registration fee is required. Just go to this site to register: http://hobokennj.org/cornercars/.

OK, back to the story, it was EASY. Register, swipe the card and if you didn't know here's a secret for you which I dread letting people know about...

Fridays Hertz on Demand has $5 per hour cars. Yep. Just go to their Facebook page and check it out. They call it "Cars of the Week", and they change it each week. Last week I rented a VW Jetta for 3 hours and it cost me $21 ($5 per hour for 3 hours and NJ has a goofy $5 tax on car rentals which affect Corner Cars. Incidentally, our own Ruben Ramos has entered legislation to make these programs exempt from it.)

I dread telling people that only because now more people will know and I will have to fight for my great car deal on Fridays!!!

I took the car out, it was a pleasure to drive. Went to the driving range in Edgewater. I'm not kidding when I said that there were 30 Asian people there and me.

Then, afterwards, I went to Trader Joe's which is about 100 yards away from the driving range, and picked up two of my favorite things from there: Trader Joe's Chicken BBQ pizza and Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches. Bad for diet, but sooo good.

OK, so that's my update today. I promise to write more. More tomorrow about what I have been up to...

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