Paleo Week 3 Begins!

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Last week, was 100% dedicated to Paleo diet. I wasn't as creative as my first week, but still had a few good meals that I got to try.

One thing I learned with diets like this is a simple motto, "Don't sweat the small stuff."

For example, years ago I did a real hardcore diet, which had me eating every 3 hours, but was vague on details. So I kept it simple, and by week 3 of eating chicken, chicken, chicken, steak, chicken, chicken, chicken I was ready to die from "food boredom". I wanted to be good but was dying for something different to eat, and I wasn't a very good cook that could just "whip" up a dish.

With the Paleo diet, it's much easier. I have a cookbook to guide me, plus i'm being less strict, especially when it comes to the 'small stuff', like condiments or dressing. For example, like using 'A1 sauce' on steak. I'm not drinking a half-gallon of it every meal, but adding some on the side to have with a steak isn't going to derail the diet. Deciding to have garlic bread with pasta and meatballs would derail the diet. I still haven't had bread, pasta, sugary snacks or drinks or alcohol. I feel fine.

I have had a few temptations, but since i'm eating regularly, and also drinking plenty of water (this is often forgotten in diets), I don't have any real hunger pangs for bad foods.

Current weight is 217 pounds. Losing 5 pounds is no big deal, and that's "water weight" to me. I don't necessarily have a target weight goal, maybe 212 or so would be good, but don't want to lose muscle weight there, more interested in reduction of bodyfat.

Crossfit last week I was there for 5 days. Only had one setback on Thursday when I slightly hurt my shoulder. I left class early rather than risk doing more damage.

Onwards and upwards!

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