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You'll Be Fine!

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As you can tell I haven't been updating the blog much anymore.

Honestly, there are multiple reasons. I would say the #1 reason is Facebook. Often I just find myself writing on there. Other reasons are various. For example, living alone means I have less and less source material (read: roommates!) to write about. Plus, i'm getting older and felt like I wrote about most of what I wanted to write about because the site was a "Meme" - it started when my dad died eight years ago.

I think I got my voice out there. I think I wrote some pretty interesting entries, and a whole lot of boring ones. But that was the point - to write. I don't think this is the end for me and my writing, but things have been slow lately. I figure I should maybe sign off with one last entry.

Most of my readers really respond when I talk about myself and my life. I never wrote this blog to pump myself up, often many entries were about how I failed. One entry I wrote six years ago titled, "Is it better loved and lost than to not be loved at all?"

Well, "Jill" is back.

I can't go into many details. She had her path for the last six years. I had my path. Just turns out that our paths might be coming back together. She's up this weekend for a visit. Staying over for a few nights, and I plan to take her out in the city and have some fun. The kind of fun I haven't had in a long time, as the perennial single guy. Plan on checking out "The Book Of Mormon" on Saturday. Comedy club that night. Then some sushi in NYC. Maybe hit Bradley Beach on Sunday and relax.

It's been a while since we dated. I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll take it one step at a time. In the back of my mind I can hear my Dad. He used to say, "You'll be fine!" to me. Like if I were nervous about passing a test or learning how to drive. That was his calm, assuring mantra.

I'm just looking forward to a nice weekend. What happens from there...who knows?

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