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So I get a lot of emails about French Bulldogs and their owners. I guess there must not be a lot of blogs about Frenchies and well I have no problem giving advice (when it is wanted or not...)

So here's a few emails from the mail bag, and my advice. Enjoy!

"Hi my name is Nyla and I have a french bull dog - problems that I have he's 16 months and issues I have are he walks me and stresses me out.. We can take him out for an hour and he still poops and pees in the house.. HELP ME! please haha or if you have any advice"

Answer: The problem is that your dog doesn't associate the 1 hour walk to mean he needs to pee and poop outside.

They aren't human, they don't think like we do. You think a 1 hour walk equals giving him a chance for a pee outside. He just thinks its a nice long walk.

What you need to do is the following:

1. Everytime you cannot be with him, even if you take a shower or he is out of your sight - he needs to be in a crate. Crate training is NOT cruel. Google "crate training" to learn how to make your dog love his crate. You put nice soft blanket in there - along with some toys, etc. Leave the door open at first, make it a place he wants to lie down in, like his own little cave.

2. Second step is you need to watch your dog better. The typical signs of a dog going to poop or pee is that they start to sniff around. They usually don't pee right away. As soon as you see him sniffing around like he's going to pee you need to scoop him up and take him outside for a 10 minute walk. Not 1 hour. Just 10 minutes. Make sure it is all business - you aren't out there to play, you walk him to spots on grass or by the curb to pee. If he doesn't then take him back inside. Repeat. Over and over - repeat.

3. You need to make a big deal about him peeing outside. Give him treats when he does and say GOOD DOG.

4. If he pees or poops inside, do not yell at him. He won't understand at all. He is not a human being - he's a dog. Just scoop him up and take him outside IMMEDIATELY. Don't clean it up - take him outside. 10 minute walk again. Rubbing his nose in pee or poop or yelling at the dog he will have NO IDEA what you are doing, he will just think you are angry at him for no reason.

5. Hire a dog walker if you are going to be out for longer than 7 hours. I paid a dog walker $15 a day to walk him while i'm at work, so he would stay in the crate for about 3 hours, get a walk, and then another 3 hours in the crate and I would be home to walk him. I did this for his first 30 months - and he got to a point now where I can leave him alone for 12 hours without a crate and he won't pee or poop in the house.

The main problem is that most people are lazy. They don't have (or want) to deal with having to be responsible with a dog, and it is a lot of work early on to teach a dog what to do right. Now that I did Rocco is literally a perfect dog. But there were mornings of me when he was 2 months old where I would wake up at 4am, take him out of his crate, walk him, go back to bed, wake up at 7am, walk him again. then I had the dog walker come TWICE a day to walk him and I was paying $30 a day - $150 a week - to walk my dog. It was money well spent. Trust me.

Good luck!!


"Hi! I just read your story about Rocco and how he was difficult to train on the leash. We have an almost 11 week old Frenchie female puppy and this is driving me insane! She will just stop after a few steps and won't move!
I have tried everything the trainer has told me to do, etc. she would let me just drag her everywhere if I kept going.
Any more tips?

Answer: "Your dog will grow out of it. 11 week old Frenchie is like a 3 year old baby. You can't expect their little muscles to keep up. Also she doesn't know you. More treats! Tie the leash to your belt and make her walk around with you at home. Reward with more treats."

"Hi my name is Tina,

I recently bought a male frenchie named Ollie, he's the sweetest thing ever i love him so much, we bonded from the first minute we met each other! He's about 12 weeks now we live in an apartment in the city so i've been using wee wee pads in the house and at work(i take him to work with me during the day, i own my own salon so its easier for both of us) i dont use a crate but his room is my bedroom and hes housebroken while in the room and while at work while hes in my office which is also his room. No problem there with the wee wee pads. The problem is when i let him free in the rest off the apartment or the rest of the salon he pees and poops like a mad man. Even if he just peed on his pad and let him out the same minute he'll pee again. He also peed on my bed several times and the sofas. I think its a revenge issue not sure thats why im reaching out to you. My vet wont let me take him outside until he has all hes shots. I love him dearly and i wanna raise a good dog, im afraid im doing something wrong that will affect his future.

I would really appreciate your respond in the matter of my dear Ollie

Kind regards
Ollie's Mom"

Answer: Ok so this is easy to fix.

Stop using wee wee pads.

Dogs aren't human. They don't get what a wee wee pad is. They do know that you are associating going to the bathroom with INSIDE and he doesn't have a wee wee pad means he's free to poop where he wants.

Solution: You need to walk him more.

Again. Stop. Using. Wee Wee Pads.

You need to be a responsible dog owner. You need to walk your dog. You need to teach Ollie that OUTSIDE means bathroom. This means more work for you in the short term but a poop free dog in the long term.

First off, your dog being 12 weeks old means that his bladder is TINY. 12 weeks is 3 months, which means walks every 3 hours. Set your clock on your iPad. Every 3 hours you take Ollie outside for 10 minutes. If you can't do it, you hire a dog walker. I had a dog walker come to my house twice a day in Hoboken to walk Rocco and it cost me $30 bucks a day for the first two months. Until his bladder got bigger and he could 'hold it'.

If you can't see your dog you need to crate your dog. That's rule #2. You can't see him equals crate time. Sorry. Until you can leave him alone without pooping inside, he is on lockdown. Don't worry it isn't cruel, nor is it permanent. This is until Ollie understands outside means pooping.

That's it. Ollie will be fixed in a month. Also remember at night NO WEE WEE PADS. You gotta wake up every 4 hours or so and walk him. I used to walk Rocco at 11pm, go to sleep, wake up at 4am, walk him again, go back to sleep until 7am and walk him again. Most people won't do this simple trick - and now Rocco can last 12+ hours alone and he won't go inside because he knows that OUTSIDE means poop or pee.

Also you can take your dog outside at his age, just don't let him get near other dogs or into dog parks or other places where he can be exposed to anything. I used to take Rocco out front of my building and we would do a quick walk around the block.

Good luck


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