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Frenchie Potty Training - Again!

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Hey, I just read your post on google. I just recently got my Frenchie and she is a doll and I love her to pieces but her potty training is bothering me. She knows when she pees on the carpet it's bad and she's not supposed to but it's like she hates going outside. I've had her for 3 days now and I have literally brought her outside 30 times and even walked her to get her to pee but she has not done it outside yet. I will bring her inside then 30 minutes later she'll find somewhere to go and then when I say no she knows immediately she wasn't supposed to and will run and hide then peak around the corner at me to see if I'm still mad. Anytime she gets up and starts sniffing I will say want to go potty? And I will bring her outside but she'll sniff Around and then just sit down then ill walk her around and she'll walk fine and ill stop hoping shell pee then she'll just sit back down again. So I bring her inside and watch her and she'll never go then just squat and per 20 minutes later. I live in an apartment so when I take her out she must be on a leash and I live on the 2nd flight so I have no backyard. Should I start doing puppy pads or crate bcus she acts like she gets distracted and I live right in the city and people are always outside. Thank you!


I guess the first thing that comes to mind is that its only been THREE days.

You have a puppy, this isn't Lassie. Its going to take a bit longer than three days to get used to the idea that outside = potty.

When I first had Rocco I would walk him every hour on the hour. Every. Hour. Not when he was sniffing - every single hour of a day I would take him outside for a 5 minute "walk". If he peed, I would be all "GOOD BOY GOOD BOY" and give him a treat. Also I lived in a 3rd floor walkup with no backyard when I did this. If I can do it, you can, too.

This was for the first 10 days. I know, its winter, and the weather stinks, but if you can't do hourly, how about every 2 hours?

Also if you have her in the house, tie her leash to your belt buckle. Everywhere you go - she goes. If you take a shower - she's in the crate. If you take a nap - she's in the crate. Anytime you cannot see your dog, crate your dog. You aren't hurting your dog. The crate should be out, in the open, with the door open, with toys and a nice blanket in there for her to snuggle on.

Puppy pads are a terrible idea because it makes the dog think that "potty indoors is OK!". Do not, at any cost, use a puppy pad or for the next 10 years you will have a dog that pees inside. I have seen in a hundred times.

Good luck - and lets see a picture of your doggie. I can't get enough of puppy pictures!


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