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Operation: Bad Dog Owner

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Ask anyone in Hoboken what is their biggest pet peeve behind lack of parking or potholes and you probably will hear about dog owners who aren't picking up after their dog. Its disgusting to walk down the street and see brown bombs all over the sidewalk. As a dog owner, it pisses me off when I notice dog owners that aren't cleaning up after their dogs "do their business".

When you walk dogs in your neighborhood, often you meet other dog owners and get to know them. Some you know by name. Some you know just by their dogs name. While there are others that you haven't met, but have seen them walk their dog often enough that you recognize them.

One owner, in particular, got my attention. After walking Rocco for the last three years, I notice that there was one dog owner who consistently was not picking up after their dog. This wasn't a once or twice thing, but it was Every. Single. Time. Every time I saw him walk his dog, he would let the dog poop - and then sort of do a quick "is anyone watching me" look to the left or the right and walk away.

At first I was going to say something. If you know me well enough i'm not someone that minces words, nor do I have a very good filter. This isn't the first time I confronted a bad dog owner. In fact, I remember once before I confronted someone else about not picking up after their dog - and they went so far to accuse me of needing glasses. I remember another time the guy was going to punch me that he was so angry that I caught him.

Perhaps third time is a charm, so I didn't say anything - I let my government do the work. I'm friendly with a few of the hardworking people in city hall, so I reached out to them and asked their advice. I first thought calling the police would be the logical step. Maybe they could do an undercover sting operation! This was met by laughter and correction - that I should contact the health department.

It turns out that by using Hoboken311: http://www.hobokennj.org/311/, I was able to report what I saw. I had a pretty detailed account of the guy who was letting his dog poop all over the place, he had a regular morning routine which was right outside his building. I knew what he looked like and knew what kind of dog he had. I basically wrote all the details in a request.

My honest thought was that no one would really do anything. I mean, how often do you really see the "little guys" get anyone to notice them in City Hall? I'm not some big campaign contributor or own a big business in town. I'm just a regular guy who gets easily annoyed at the double parked cars outside of Piccolo's. But that's a story for another day.

Imagine my surprise when I received this email only a few days later (with some details left out):

"Please be advised that earlier this morning, beginning at 6:45am, our Office conducted a surveillance of the area described in your complaint (Hoboken Health Department Complaint #[redacted]) in which the individual you described in your e-mail, was found in violation of 93-16 of the Code of the City of Hoboken (not picking up dog feces) and has been issued a summons to appear in Hoboken Municipal Court, on [redacted].

Director Pellegrini and myself would like to again thank you for taking the time to send the detailed information that you did which led to the catching of this individual in the act of creating a public health nuisance.

Frank Sasso"

Wait, what? It worked? This town isn't perfect. There's always going to be someone who is going to complain about everything City Hall does - and rarely do you ever hear someone complimenting City Hall on a good job. This is just an example that sometimes government works, and that Hoboken311 is a pretty nifty site.


Got this email from a reader:


I love your blog! Sounds like your dog is similar to my frenchie. She just turned 3 months! We started with wee wee pads and now walks. She goes outside with us in morning and walker who is her trainer for an hour and then me again after work and at night but she holds her bladder till she gets inside and goes on wee wee pad! We started crating her cuz she went on wee wee pad a lot. She had some accidents especially with loose stool although its getting a bit better but still won't go outside! And also does the planting thing where I literally have to drag her!! Also has been having on and off diareah and a bit of throw up so just switched her to merrick. She is eating duck now I heard a lot of frenchies have problems with chicken. She is still having some diareah, she just changed foods, but no throw up. Mostly we wanna potty train her to go outside and hold bladder but she barely walks (one block maybe with tugs to get through it) and won't go potty outside! Any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you!!!!

Here's my reply:

At 3 months you pup can basically 'hold it' for 1-2 hours per month old. So, ideally, your dog needs a walk every 4-6 hours.

My suggestion would be - when you take your dog outside, bring a wee wee pad. Teach your dog to pee outside on the pad. Do not have any more wee-wee pads inside. Do not bring the dog back inside until they go pee this could take 30 minutes or so. If they hold it - and you go inside and they pee on the carpet or hardwood, you scoop them up and go back outside for another 30 minutes.

At 3 months old, they don't walk very far. Their little legs can only go a block or two. She will get better at it.

As for food, they shouldn't have loose stool. Some foods with Rocco were too rich. Rocco eats Acana. They are grain free, and he likes all of them - currently he eats Pacifica. No problems with loose stool.

Lots of questions this seasons:

How will Roy Halladay's arm issues in spring training affect the regular season?
Is Dominic Brown for real?
Will the bullpen fare better than last year?
How healthy is Howard & Utley?
Will J-Roll be leading off or moved to a new spot in the lineup?
How will losing Chooch for 25 games affect the team?

Phillies have a team that, on paper, can win at least 84 games. Listening to WIP yesterday, I heard all sorts of predictions. With the Braves & Nats fielding good teams - and the Marlins and Mets having so-so teams, I think Phillies, barring any major injuries, could do better than 84. I don't see them as winning more than 95. There's a ton of question marks - and most of the radio people were harping over Roy Halladay's spring issues.

If you are in Hoboken, here's the games we are getting together to watch the game on Friday nights at Mulligan's. Hope to see you out there we will have the same beer specials on Fridays for Phillies fans that we have at the Eagles club, $2 Bud Light and $2 Yuengling. No buckets of beers, however.

Apr 12 - at Miami, 7:10 PM
Apr 19 - vs. St. Louis, 7:05 PM
Apr 26 - at NY Mets, 7:10 PM
May 3 - vs. Miami, 7:05 PM
May 10 - skipping due to late game
May 17 - vs. Cincinnati, 7:05 PM
May 24 - at Washington, 7:05 PM
May 31 - vs. Milwaukee, 7:05 PM
Jun 7 - at Milwaukee, 8:10 PM
Jun 14 - at Colorado, 8:40 PM
Jun 21 - 21 - vs. NY Mets, 7:05 PM
Jun 28 - skipping due to late game
Jul 5 - vs. Atlanta, 7:05 PM
JUl 12 - vs. Chicago WSox, 7:05 PM
Jul 19 - at NY Mets, 7:10 PM
Jul 26 - at Detroit, 7:05 PM
Aug 2 - vs. Atlanta, 7:05 PM
Aug 9 - at Washington, 7:05 PM
Aug 16 - vs. Los Angeles, 7:05 PM
Aug 23 - vs. Arizona, 7:05 PM
Aug 30 - skipping due to early game
Sep 6 - vs. Atlanta, 7:05 PM
Sep 13 - at Washington, 7:05 PM
Sep 20 - vs. NY Mets, 7:05 PM
Sep 27 - at Atlanta, 7:30 PM

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