Frenchie Potty Training - April Edition

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Got this email from a reader:


I love your blog! Sounds like your dog is similar to my frenchie. She just turned 3 months! We started with wee wee pads and now walks. She goes outside with us in morning and walker who is her trainer for an hour and then me again after work and at night but she holds her bladder till she gets inside and goes on wee wee pad! We started crating her cuz she went on wee wee pad a lot. She had some accidents especially with loose stool although its getting a bit better but still won't go outside! And also does the planting thing where I literally have to drag her!! Also has been having on and off diareah and a bit of throw up so just switched her to merrick. She is eating duck now I heard a lot of frenchies have problems with chicken. She is still having some diareah, she just changed foods, but no throw up. Mostly we wanna potty train her to go outside and hold bladder but she barely walks (one block maybe with tugs to get through it) and won't go potty outside! Any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you!!!!

Here's my reply:

At 3 months you pup can basically 'hold it' for 1-2 hours per month old. So, ideally, your dog needs a walk every 4-6 hours.

My suggestion would be - when you take your dog outside, bring a wee wee pad. Teach your dog to pee outside on the pad. Do not have any more wee-wee pads inside. Do not bring the dog back inside until they go pee this could take 30 minutes or so. If they hold it - and you go inside and they pee on the carpet or hardwood, you scoop them up and go back outside for another 30 minutes.

At 3 months old, they don't walk very far. Their little legs can only go a block or two. She will get better at it.

As for food, they shouldn't have loose stool. Some foods with Rocco were too rich. Rocco eats Acana. They are grain free, and he likes all of them - currently he eats Pacifica. No problems with loose stool.

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