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When I adopted Rocco three years ago, I knew he was a special little pup. Who doesn't like puppies - they get stopped on the street all the time.

As he got older, the requests didn't stop - in fact I rarely take a walk along Washington Street and don't hear someone squealing "OH MY GAWD" when they see Rocco and other Frenchie owners of course would remark that he's pretty cute and where I got him.

I got lucky. My sister actually found Rocco online from a hobbyist breeder who doesn't breed anymore. It's too bad, had I known that Rocco was going to be this cute I would have bred him. But alas, unless I get him cloned there won't be any future prodigy.

I liked taking funny pictures of Rocco and would share them on Facebook. I didn't want my "main" account to be "All-Rocco-All-The-Time" so I created a page for him. Invited a few friends to it who I thought would like to see more pictures of Rocco and would post from time to time.

100 became 200. 200 became 300. And his popularity grew.

Rocco's page is almost at 3,000 likes (at the time of this writing). It's not quite the level of celebrities, but I find it funny that he has such an audience. Sure, some people who joined probably are bots. But its still fun to have an interactive audience. I kind of wonder how this website would have done had I started it when Facebook was popular. I don't update it as much as I used to since most of my days are on Facebook or Reddit now - and reposting the interesting articles to my main Facebook account.

But if you like French Bulldogs and my man Rocco, feel free to check out his Facebook page at I'm thinking he must be the most popular dogs in Hoboken. ;)

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