Cory Booker, The Kardashian Politician, will win today.

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The only issue I have with Cory Booker is I want his "fans" to tell me what, specifically he has done (without Googling).

You know what Cory is famous for? Being on TV. Oh, his fans will relish with delight about closing the airport to Conan O'Brien or saving a dog.

But here's my challenge for you today when you see someone wearing a Booker pin or T-shirt. Ask them what he has done, specifically. I bet you get a bunch of stammering " SANDY?!" kind of lame responses. The problem with our society now is we have the kids who are voting for the "Kardashian Politicians".

Being on TV is nothing new for politicians to get their point across. I think being on TV is normal. What's not normal is now we have pols who "play themselves" on TV shows and other media, showcasing their acting chops rather than getting a message across.

Don't get me wrong I know there's going to be some huge fans of Cory Booker who will laud his accomplishments. But I'm talking about the young adults who are 18 to 35 - posting all over Facebook about Cory Booker....they will have to Google an answer before they can tell you what, specifically, he has done.

If I was Jay Leno this would be a perfect segment for his show "Dumb Americans". Go on the street with a camera crew and interview people in NJ wearing Cory Booker pins or shirts - ask them what specific issues that Cory stands for that they like (aside from the standard Democratic knee jerk answers). I'm all ears.

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