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Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken FAQ

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Hello! Welcome to the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken Primer. Here's everything you should know about us.
Updated August 2016

Q: Isn't Mulligan's just the "Eagles Bar"?
A: Nope, nope, nope. We started the "Club" in 2004. Our first bar was at The Brownstone. Then we moved the club to Dipper's (now named Mikie Squared) and eventually settled into Mulligan's a few years ago. Sean runs the club, and also bartends at the bar on the gamedays in the back bar. As far as Mulligan's is concerned this is Sean's Private Party...for Eagles fans.

Q: What specials do you have?
A: We are sponsored by Bud Light. On gameday (when the Eagles are playing) we have $3 pints ($10 pitchers) of Bud Light and Yuengling, along with $14 buckets of domestic bottles and $16 buckets of Blue Moon bottles.

Q: Does Mulligans have a kitchen?
A: Yep, open every football game, even on Monday Night Football.

Q: I have a friend who likes to watch their team play, do you show other games?
A: Mulligan's has two distinct bars, the "main" bar and the "back" bar. The "main" bar we show all the games on Sunday, including Eagles. The "back" bar will only show Eagles games. The back bar is for Eagles fans only. Please do not bring opposing fans to the back bar. You are welcome to watch the game in the main bar with Dallas, Giants, Redskins or other fans. 

Q: I want to get a seat to watch the game. What time should I be at the bar?
A: One of the biggest issues we have is seating. We easily get 100 people at the bar, and everyone wants a seat. If you want a seat, my suggestion is showing up no later than 90 minutes before kickoff.

Q: Can I save/reserve a seat at the bar or a table?
A: There's no real issue if you are saving a seat for 1 friend. But we had problems in the past with patrons showing up and holding down 8 seats for friends who show up 5 minutes before kickoff. Please don't do that. It is basically first come, first seated - but bartenders do have the discretion to seat patrons.

Q: Do you have sound on for the game?
A: Yes! Its on both the main bar and the back bar when the Eagles play.

Q: Do you have cheesesteaks at the bar?
A: Yes! Even have Whiz.

Q: How do you organize the club?
A: We have a Facebook page: - we encourage fans of the Eagles who live in or around Hoboken to join our Facebook page. It allows us to communicate with each other not only for goings-on at the bar but people sometimes have tickets to Eagles games or events that they want to share.

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