Washington Street Coal Tunnel in Hoboken

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I was reading a news article on Philly.com about a root cellar that was unearthed in West Chester. I love reading about things that are hidden under our cities like this.

Did you know that in the middle of Washington Street in Hoboken there is a old coal tunnel? The older buildings on Washington Street all have connecting tunnels from the basements of their buildings to the coal tunnel, too. Most are bricked up. Some aren't, and I have first hand knowledge from people who have explored the tunnel.

Now before we get to thinking that this is some grand, amazing tunnel that is like the old, abandoned New York subway tunnels:

It is nothing like that. From what I was told by the explorer, it was very dirty and dusty - and you could barely stand up in it. There were quite a few cave-ins and lots of debris. But you did have the ability to explore it, and it wasn't that exciting. I wonder what other hidden structures are in Hoboken.

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