What does your precious little Crossfit bring to the table?

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I was on Facebook, and talking to the erudite wordsmith Chris Halleron about the subject of "man boobs" & exercise (you know, we are so sophisticated) when he said, "What does your precious little Crossfit bring to the table?".

Good question, Chris. Here's my answer:

I re-read what I wrote and basically is a good impression of what I thought when I joined. I think its more than a gym, its really more like you join a country club because you see the same people all the time, and instead of golfing or tennis you are surrounded by people who want to be in shape. At a gym, you get all kinds of people the meatheads, the moms on the ellipticals, the guido who skips leg day, the yuppies who have no idea what they are doing, the stalkers, the strange guy with the headphones and sings out loud, and others.

Most of the the people I met at the CrossFit Hoboken are a pretty "normal" sampling of Hoboken. 20's & 30's year olds - and i'm 41 yet don't feel out of place, there are other 40-somethings. I go on average 3 days a week, but I really aim for 4 when I can and even 5 sometimes (life just gets in the way). Everyone checks their ego at the door, and its just a friendly environment. Strangers patting each other on the back.

Remember this isn't like a gym where you go and workout by yourself, put on your iPad and lift, rest, lift, rest. You go there, do a group stretch with a light warmup. There's instruction on what we are doing (like deadlifts, cleans, jerks, presses, etc) on proper form and how to pick the correct weight. There's a 5 minute window to get the correct weight and then its "Go Time", and you go intense for X minutes (it varies).

I think the reason why everyone turns into Mormons over it varies. Rather than spreading the "Good News" (HE IS RISEN!) - I just think if more people did it, they would see a remarkable change in their body shape. People make a ton of excuses. "I'm too busy!" "Oh, I can't do THAT." "I don't want to be big and bulky weightlifter!" "I can't diet, I love food too much."

I have heard it all. I'm just as bad. I love food. I love bad food. I work out so I can keep enjoying food like Shake Shack and know that Crossfit will at least make keeping the weight off easier. Hey, there's some people who can self motivate go to a gym or run on a treadmill for an hour. I'm not one of them. I need someone to kick my ass a bit, but don't need a Gunnery Sergeant shouting at me. I like the people there, the trainers are awesome. I like the other people who work out there, and its a nice community. I think just some people are scared of new things and eventually people will actually realize how great it is - if they just give it a try.

Crossfit Hoboken has a free class on Wednesday at 6:45pm and Saturday at 10am.

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