Whud Up Wid Dat? Fix Newark & Madison St!

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I walk by Newark St and Madison St every day on my way to Crossfit.

I like Hoboken, but one of our biggest issues I see is lack of a strong police presence. I have addressed this multiple times, and this isn't about blaming police, I simply think our police in Hoboken are reacting to problems rather than being proactive. I wrote before that Hoboken should establish a force of police who simply are about proactively combating traffic related issues (Hoboken Roadway Patrol), which leaves the current police force to react to actual crime.

A prime target would be Newark St & Madison St and catching cars that circumvent the orange street bollards there. All traffic on Madison needs to turn right on to Newark. Every single day I see cars that simply go around them. I would stick a Hoboken Roadway Patrol cop there during rush hour, along with a digital video camera. Catch the cars, note the time on the ticket and save the digital camera tape for the judge to decide.

Police will say they don't have the manpower and hire more cops. I say you just useClass II police to do this job.

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