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When Hoboken Reform started, we all we united under the idea of a "better" Hoboken. We didn't want Hoboken to become like Newport in Jersey City (and still don't), with high rise buildings dominating the Hoboken skyline. We didn't want corruption and back room deals by people who had connections in the city. We didn't want special rules for those who had a hand in someone's pocket.

When Dawn Zimmer, Rhavi Bhalli, Dave Mello, Peter Cunningham and Carol Marsh were swept into office, it was a signal that times are changing for the better. Many of their actions over the last two terms have been worthy of applause and there have been other actions which I have raised an eyebrow at the poor decisions that were made.

Many residents might have heard about a proposed development at 1300 Jefferson Street. Currently the site is an abandoned factory, and surrounding the lot isn't any residental space. Its almost as far to the border of Hoboken and we can get.

The proposal was to turn the site into mixed use development by the same developers who created Pilsener Haus and Biergarten. The majority of the story you can read here.

No one in reform wants high rises, but we do have high rise buildings of 12-14 stories in Hoboken. That's not unusual - and I think consideration needs to be looked into where we build larger buildings. There's currently a lot of pushback on the propose NJ Transit plan to build high rises along Observer Highway & the PATH station. There's also some pushback for a proposed 14 story tower at the Monroe Center.

That I understand, I can understand the resistance.

There's NOTHING in the part of town for the proposed mixed use development. Adding a 14 story tower, along with a rock climbing gym and bowling alley would be great for Hoboken. Imagine a Brooklyn Bowl style bowling alley - which has also a music stage too? Everyone wins here.

Last night the Zoning Board voted down the proposal 5-2 against even when faced with a large crowd of community activists who have been adamant about their fear of overdevelopment - and they were FOR the proposal.

We can all sit here and shrug our shoulders or do something about it. Post about it on your Facebook wall. Write your local councilperson. Ask Dawn Zimmer. Why is progress stalling in Hoboken? The community came together to bring reform to Hoboken and it worked. Change can happen, but it takes your voice to change that.

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