Hoboken City Hall Responds To My NJ Transit Complaint

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Every morning I walk Rocco down Newark Street, and see NJ Transit buses parked along Newark Street, between Grand and Clinton - just outside the Neumann Leathers building. They seem to be parked for about 5 minutes, and the operators often sit and simply wait. I have witnessed some of the operators leave the bus and go to Dunkin Donuts - leaving their buses unlocked. I took pictures of this over the last month, and posted them on Facebook:

If this was the suburbs, would NJ Transit buses just park on the sidewalks of other NJ towns? No. The attitude of people who come to Hoboken seems to be a "Who cares" about Hoboken attitude and i'm frankly sick of it. I have written multiple times for cops to set up speed traps & stop sign violators at Newark & Willow. We could rake in a fortune catching people who have no regard for our laws.

So imagine my surprise when Juan Melli, who often bears a lot of criticism from other community run blogs, saw my post and immediately reacted. To be clear, I am friends with Juan on Facebook - but that's about where my association with him ends. I chat with him via email if I have a question and he often directs me in the right direction at City Hall. Now if this was Zimmerhate411.com the naysayers would be shrilling about him being on Facebook in the first place..."Our tax dollars wasted!"

What did Juan do? He said he would write to NJ Transit and get to the bottom of it. I thought that was a nice, if futile, gesture and really didn't think much of it. Imagine my surprise when two weeks later I see this on my walk:

There were three supervisors from NJ Transit and they were talking to the drivers of the buses. When they were done, I walked up to them and said, "Well you guys are probably out here because of me complaining to Juan."

I want to state one thing - these could have been the nicest, most professional people I have met in my entire life who worked at NJ Transit. One was a regional manager named Jerry M., and he was apologetic and thankful. He apologized that the buses were parked here, and they had no idea this was going on. He was thankful that it was brought to his attention, and very much wanted to address each driver and catch them in the act. Jerry would catch them park their bus, walk up, write down the bus # and the driver and was fixing it as it happened. He gave me his business card and told me, "If you EVER see anything wrong with NJ Transit, I want to hear from you. I don't care if it is 2 in the morning - call me."

Frankly, I was impressed. Not only by NJ Transit but also by Juan Melli in City Hall. We, as citizens, can grouse and complain about everything. That is our right. But I think when credit is due, something that other websites like Grumble411.com does, people should compliment a job well done. I think this is a situation where City Hall got it right. Are there other things City Hall needs to fix? Yes. Can we complain about potholes, crosswalk paint jobs and booting cars - sure. Its one thing to recognize where someone does a bad job - but you should also be someone that also can say these words, too:

Thank you.

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