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Q: Hello, Love reading your blog. I'm about to pull the trigger on getting a Frenchie. One question I have for you is do they have a bad body odor? I live in a high rise in Manhattan and the windows doesn't open. Do you think that's a problem?

A: Nope none at all actually. Very clean. Just bathe once a month.

Q: Hi just read your article which is very informative. We are thinking of getting a French bulldog puppy, both me & my husband work, I do 4 days a week & locally so can call home at some point in the day (I'm a community midwife).

One problem if it is one, we have a siamese cat. They by nature are very territorial, I know most cats are, but siamese very much so. We are a bit anxious that we'll upset the cat too much, or it'll pick on the puppy, or both!
Just wondering if you've any advice on this, or just in general?

A: The key to cats is to introduce a new pet slowly. The first step would be finding a place where you can keep the puppy & the cat so they can see & smell each other and not interact - like using a crate for crate training the puppy, and the cat can inspect and smell this new creature that invaded "their home". I would do this for the first five days. Otherwise, keep them away from each other, with the puppy in their own room and the cat in theirs. After day 5, then I would look to introduce them by allowing your cat to roam freely and the puppy & you to be side-by-side at all times. With Rocco I used to keep a leash on him inside the house, and tie it to my belt. When I would stand up to get something to eat - he would follow me. When I would sit down, he was next to me. This helped to bond us & also helps so you can "watch him like a hawk" during the potty training / house breaking phase.

I would expect the cat would just leave your new puppy alone, but having a water bottle handy can help. If your cat gets too frisky a few squirts could do the trick to teach the cat not to be "too fresh" with the puppy. I would expect in about 10 days they will be happy (or tolerant!) of each other.

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