Rocco The Bulldog Questions: Do Not Use Wee Pads

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I have explained this before, but feel like it needs to be its own post. I get the "Wee Pad" question a lot via email from Frenchie owners, like this one from Karen:

"I came upon your blog online when I was researching on house training our Frenchie. We are picking him up from the breeder next week. He is 4.5 months old. My only concern is when I go back to work, I don't know how what I should do. We thought about blocking the kitchen and keeping him in the kitchen and hoping he will pee on the training pads. We don't know much about crate training but would rather let him have all the kitchen block off so he doesn't get to the carpet and pee."

The simple answer is: Do not use Wee Pads.

Why? Using a wee pad creates association for the dog. Recently, researchers claim that dogs "forget" in 2 minutes everything that happened to them. They way they do remember things is by routine. If you use Wee Pads in a home, he will associate "going to the bathroom" with indoors, not Wee Pads. This will cause you considerable issues for the future, especially when you go on a vacation and bring your dog to someone else's home - and your dog pees on their new carpet.

See, dogs aren't human. Some dogs will understand that "Wee Pad" means a place to pee. I'm sure it works for some dogs. But you really need to focus your training on "outdoors equals potty". It sounds like a drag, and a lot of people won't do it - but it pays dividends in the future. I will repeat what I wrote before about training your dog:

"When I first had Rocco I would walk him every hour on the hour. Every. Hour. Not when he was sniffing - every single hour of a day I would take him outside for a 5 minute "walk". If he peed, I would be all "GOOD BOY GOOD BOY" and give him a treat. Also I lived in a 3rd floor walk-up with no backyard when I did this. If I can do it, you can, too.

This was for the first 10 days. I know, its winter, and the weather stinks, but if you can't do hourly, how about every 2 hours?

Also if you have her in the house, tie her leash to your belt buckle. Everywhere you go - she goes. If you take a shower - she's in the crate. If you take a nap - she's in the crate. Anytime you cannot see your dog, crate your dog. You aren't hurting your dog. The crate should be out, in the open, with the door open, with toys and a nice blanket in there for her to snuggle on.

Puppy pads are a terrible idea because it makes the dog think that "potty indoors is OK!". Do not, at any cost, use a puppy pad or for the next 10 years you will have a dog that pees inside. I have seen in a hundred times."

Don't use Wee Pads. Please. It only takes a few weeks of consistent training. Today, I walk Rocco at 6:30am and then again at night. He only needs 2 walks a day and pees and poops on each walk. He hasn't had an accident in my condo in 4 years (and he's 5 now). I bring him into stores or other people's houses and he doesn't pee anywhere.

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