Whud Up Wid Dat: PATH Trains & Their Terrible Seat Design

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I take the PATH train every day. A few years ago they rolled out their new subway trains, and I was personally thrilled that we were getting an updated, new design similar to the NYC subways which were rolled out only a couple of years prior. What struck me as odd is the design of the PATH subway seat. It is designed with a good intention - that each rider can get their own seat. Unfortunately, they were designed for a subway rider who were not a typical American. Every single day I ride the subway, the seats are "open", but as you can see my picture above - is someone going to squeeze themselves into the open seats?


As you can see above, the NYC subway bucket seats make much more sense. I find it surprising that the PATH didn't use the same design. Typical NJ. How many times do you take the PATH and see open seats?

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