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Finally the city brings us a bike share. I personally think CitiBike would have been better for the city, but from what I was told CitiBike never submitted a proposal for Hoboken, and according to what I was also told - the city can't solicit CitiBike for the bike share. There is a RFP (Request for Proposal) process, and if CitiBike doesn't bid...well that is that. I am kind of surprised in this day and age someone didn't nudge CitiBike.

Anyhow, that is water under the bridge.

Now we have the new site map for the bike locations. Some make sense. And others...not so much. I especially love how a station is 1 block from the Mayor's house on Newark and Adams. Lots of these other locations are a bit of a joke, like a station right NEXT to the hospital? Are you riding a bike there with a broken arm? Yes, yes, I hear the liberal mommies screeching, "THINK OF THE CHILDREN VISITING THEIR SICK PARENTS!"

{insert eye roll here}

Someone in City Hall is going to say there was a grand poohbah who claimed these were the best locations for stations based on something, when clearly a lot of these station locations look "politically motivated" when they thought about where to place it.

Click pictures for a higher resolution.


I decided to take a look at the map, and I crudely edited where I think the stations should be. I think with 29 stations you can basically design a map in which you aren't more than a 3 block walk from just about any destination in Hoboken. I tried a more logical "grid" approach, with a few tweaks, like putting a station by the Jersey City and Weehawken borders. Here is my design (sorry my photoshop skills are limited to the paint application):


What do you think? Doesn't it make sense to have everything in a more grid like design?

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