Millennials or ME-lennials?

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I was walking down the Christopher Street PATH entrance, towards the trains. The design of the stairwell was from the 1900's and not designed for today's society, with our larger frames. But most make do, and the design allows you to go around people who are moving slower on the staircase. I was nearing the bottom, and my train was coming into the station soon, I know this because I have been taking the same train every weekday for 8 years - after moving offices.

As I turned the corner to go down the left side of the staircase, two young men were coming up the staircase holding their trail bicycles. Another guy was on the other side of the staircase (to my right) coming up also, passing them. I was basically blocked, but in their mind I was on the "wrong side of the staircase". Meanwhile, in my mind - I knew you couldn't have bikes on the train during the week from 3:30pm-6:30pm.

The first guy, sporting a "man bun" stops and disdainfully says, "Really dude?" while glaring at me.

My answer was, "You can't have bikes on here after four o'clock."

He gets irate and begins shouting, "I know what time it is! It isn't rush hour!"

I step over the stairwell railing to the other side so he can pass, and he is still ranting at me, "Don't be an asshole, dude!" - while going up the stairs with his buddy who also had a trail bike.

Normally if you are on the other side of the staircase and coming down, you can turn your body and get past people coming up the staircase. But in this case, with their bikes, I couldn't do that.

It really just reminds me of the issues with our society:

It is always someone else's fault. Ever notice that?

I pointed out to him that he was in the wrong. You aren't allowed to have bikes on the PATH train after 3:30 (I thought it was 4 at the time), and instead of being apologetic, he's angry. I am in HIS way. I fully get that i'm on the "wrong side of the staircase", and did move out of his way by stepping over the railing, but he was in the wrong also.

We have these social media sites and increasingly we see how young kids think it is always about them. The Bacon and Jalapeno Mac and Cheese kid is a good example. I'm sure kids have been getting drunk and doing dumb things from the beginning of time. But increasingly, it seems there is a lack of remorse for this.

The guys on the bike don't care what time it was. The world is centered around them. That's just what is going on now in society and in politics.

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