Why Not Make Court Street A Bicycle-Only Street?

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In the news today Oslo, a city of 618 THOUSAND people banned cars from the city center.

Think about that for a moment. We aren't talking about a city like Hoboken of 50,000. It is a city that has a population 12x bigger than Hoboken. Also it isn't the entire city, but the downtown area of Oslo that banned cars. People who live and work there now can't drive and park right on the street.

I have often hoped to see cities embrace bicycles as the alternative solution, rather than more cars. One example I hope Hoboken will embrace is something I have said since I moved here - Why not make Court Street a Bicycle Only Street?

Yes, there are people who use Court Street to park or drop off deliveries, and our goal should be to not end that. But it should be more of a bicycle friendly street. Pave it. Include signage and crosswalk painting warning of crossing bikes.


It would be a good first step. Maybe someday we can get our city weaned off cars, and i'd personally like to see the area around the PATH turned into a plaza, with bicycle lanes to the PATH. Here's an idea how to redesign it.


Someday we might see this. Funny how the city just came out with their proposal for Neumann Leathers and it is quite similar to my idea that I talked about last year.

I find it interesting that my Open Letters to City Hall have mostly come true. Someone out there must be reading this blog.

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