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How To Fix Parking In Hoboken

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One of the biggest gripes about Hoboken is parking.

There are not enough places to park cars and people constantly complain about there not being enough parking garages. I think the first issue is we really have to look at the amount of surface parking lots we have in town that are tied to Section 8 housing and ask - can we do better?

Example. Marian Towers at 1st street between Grand and Adams has a surface parking lot. Marian Towers has a total of 154 units, all of which are Section 8 assisted living units. So everyone living there is from Federal Funds for low income senior citizens. But, it also has a surface parking lot. From my estimate there are about 50 parking spaces there, for roughly 1/3 of the residents.


Next door to Marian Towers we have the Multi-Service Center, along with the Multi-Service Center Skating Rink.

The Multi-Service center is 2 stories tall. It currently houses a federally-funded day care center, a family planning clinic and the HOPES community service organization headquarters.

To me, I think we have a ton of space here that could be used to add parking, plus create a new Multi-Service Center, along with other extras, like a new police station.

Build a new police station: Our current police station is, with respect to our police department, is in need of upgrading. I'm not sure how old the building is - but quite simply we need better facilities for our law enforcement. Plus, our city is expanding we have more police, police cars, motorcycles and equipment than ever.

Multi-Service Center: Living next to the service center I always thought about how large of building it was, but at only 2 stories, really was a waste of space. I'm not suggesting a mammoth building, but I can see it being 3-4 stories tall, and look to keep the existing facilities and to add the following:

1. A new digital library
2. Indoor public basketball court.
3. Indoor Olympic swimming pool.
4. An outdoor dog park (on the roof)

Parking: In addition to Marian Towers 50 parking spots (which would be dedicated to Marian Towers, and kept to the 1st floor of the parking garage for easy access), we should look to add 400 parking spots here. Morristown was able to fund their parking garages directly from their meter and street parking offsetting the cost of 30 year bonds.

But where would all this money come from?

First off, the sale of the existing police station I think could easily generate $10-15 million. With its proximity to the PATH station, and prime location to downtown, it is a slam dunk for a developer to buy this.

On top of that we currently have residential parking passes at an absurdly low $15 per vehicle per year. Yep, you can park on the streets of Hoboken for $15 and last year it was estimated that 10,000-15,000 cars bought these parking passes. Why are they $15 a year? Recently, in Asbury Park, they raised the cost of residential parking to $90 per year. At $15 a year we bring in about $225,000 a year max. That's stupid. Parking at $90 a year would bring in 1.35m in revenue and fund these changes, along with future changes.

You would have 400 parking spots, a new digital library, a new pool, an upgraded police station, upgraded multi-service center - and probably even design the roof to add the outdoor skating rink (which currently exists) and an outdoor dog park.

I would build the site in three phases:
1. Parking lot to replace the skating rink.
2. New police station to replace the Marian Towers Parking Lot.
3. New Multi-Service Center.

I'm sure there are a lot more logistics that are needed to be done, but someone should get the conversation started about this. Maybe our new Councilperson Michael DeFusco?

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