Choo! Choo! All Aboard The Paleo Train!

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I wrote last month about my yearly migration back into a grain/dairy/sugar-free world of Paleo. Combined with Crossfit, I have found it is a great way to shed some "winter weight" that creeps up on me, and I feel fantastic. Often I did this by doing a "Paleo Challenge" with my fellow Crossfitters which was 30-days of strict Paleo, no cheat meals, and then after that would switch to maybe a 80/20 Paleo diet, where i'd let in about 3-4 'cheats' a week on meals, like allowing for bread or something.

Since I started my switch this year on January 4th, today marks my 5th week completed, and i'm into my 6th week. I decided this year i'm going to go the distance, and try to stick to Paleo until March 9th, effectively going 65 days on Paleo, no no cheat meals, and only allowing for alcohol on my birthday which is this Friday. To be honest, my paleo switch has been mostly seamless. Having a smoothie for breakfast, using Kettlebell Kitchen for lunch and planning my dinners.

The key, as I said before, is "planning". I use FreshDirect or shop at Sobsey's in Hoboken for meals 3-4 days ahead of time. I try some new meals and I also try "old favorites" that I know how to make. When I first started paleo, there were so many BAD meals that I tried, and failed, to make, but I also learned some other easier meals that have become old favorites now.

My favorite cookbook/website is Nom Nom Paleo. Also many of my dishes I found just typing in "paleo" after it on google. "Pot Roast Paleo", for example.

As of right now, I feel great. I lost about 10 pounds, and then seemed to...stop. But, I didn't start Crossfit until week 5, and was mostly working out on my own. So, I will keep you updated in another month or so to see if the weight comes off, or if I really have to cut the carbs more.

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