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My office is moving soon to Orangeburg, NY.

This isn't new to me, I have known about it for about two years. My commute now is 25 minutes door-to-door. It's Hoboken to West Village. From Hoboken, the Orangeburg commute will be about 45 minutes by car. 

I don't own a car. I haven't owned a car for 8 years. Now I need a car.

Plus parking. Plus insurance. Plus gas.

I'm not thrilled about this. Only good news is my company is helping me out financially a bit with buying a new car, which is pretty sweet. Still, i'll be on the hook for the majority of car costs. 

Then I saw a property in Nyack, NY, a 1 bedroom condo even bigger than my current condo. Total cost? About $210k. I could sell my condo tomorrow and my mortgage, maintenance costs and taxes would be about $800 less per month when compared to what I pay in Hoboken. $10,000 a year in my pocket - or $10,000 a year I can spend on vacations, a new Porsche Macan, my retirement - whatever I want. 

It's a big leap. I'm used to Hoboken. I have been here since 1995. I like living here, but I think the "spark" that I used to like about Hoboken is long gone. Maybe when you are in your 20's or even 30's the idea of NYC and the metro area is a cool and fascinating place, with new bars and restaurants to explore. 

Timeout. This is not to say i'm not still going out and doing things. I have a full slate of fun things to do this year, like...

  • Seeing Bright Star, the new Broadway show from Steve Martin and Edie Brickell.
  • Going to Pearl Jam in May.
  • Seeing The Cure in June.
  • Seeing Peter Gabriel & Sting in June.
  • Bradley Beach summer-share in effect again.

But, to me, where I live was important when I worked in NYC. I paid more to live in Hoboken because it was a place where I would go out and drink and hang out with my friends. Most of my friends have moved on from Hoboken, with only a handful of them left here for me. Most weekends I don't go out to bars anymore. Just not my thing. Most weekends i'm staying in, even going to bed by 11pm or 12am. Yeah, I know "old man", but to me my house is just a place to relax and sleep.

Which gets back to...why should I live here?

What, specifically, keeps each of us here is dependent upon multiple factors. My original reason for moving to Hoboken was the proximity to work plus my social life. I still enjoy doing the Eagles Club at Mulligan's. Also moving to a place like Nyack means I am further away from Philadelphia, which kind of sucks. 

I was trying to figure out a way to work out of my Princeton, NJ office, and move closer to Philly, but really had a hard time finding a "Walkable City" like Hoboken that was close to my Princeton office. From what I have read, Nyack has a nice main street, with shops, restaurants, even a Cigar shop, and my commute would be 15 minutes to work by car rather than 45 minutes. 

Part of me wants to move. Part of me wants to stay. We will see. 

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