The Skyway Golf Course In Jersey City

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skywaygolf.jpgMy friend Bonnie invited me to try Skyway Golf Course last weekend. If you didn't know, Skyway is a new municipal (public) golf course in Jersey City, about a 12 minute drive from Hoboken. The style is a links course, with no trees and lots of bumps and hills for challenging play. Also, it is only 9 holes - which I kinda liked because I just wanted to play for a few hours, and not have to commit for a 4-5 hour round. Perfect kind of situation if you got off work and just wanted to play 9 holes with some friends. 

Also, it's pretty cheap. On weekdays 9 holes is $19 and weekends its $23. Cart Fees are $10. Bonnie and I played on Sunday for $63, total. We had a few drinks we brought along with us and had a day of it. 

Getting there isn't too bad. We used a ZipCar to get over there. The one warning you need to know, if you are following navigation from Hoboken is do not miss this exit from Route 9 to Duncan via Stockton:

duncanstockton.jpgWe missed that exit (it was my fault), and trying to turn around was a 15 minute nightmare, its impossible to just make a simple U-turn along US-9. So learn from our mistakes!

Otherwise, I really liked the course. It isn't Liberty National. But as far as county courses go, its fine - it was in better shape than the public golf course I played in Barbados! The only thing it was missing was a driving range, which would have been nice. I often use the driving range in Edgewater, but the traffic along River Road can sometimes be tricky.

Seems like a good all-around deal for golfers looking to play 9, or if you wanted to play two rounds just play 9 and 9 again.

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